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Assistant Inspector: Western Cape


Undertake inspections to ensure and improve compliance of the security service providers (SSP) and prosecution of non-offenders ● Plan and conduct required number of inspections based on complaints received, routine inspections and operational targets: Business, security officers, Firearms (administration only), working animals-service dogs, self-assessment, infrastructure, training centre accreditation etc ● Attending to complaints, liaising with the complainants and giving feedback to the complainant on the outcome of the complaint ● Identify contravention Code of Conduct regulations following on from Security Officer and Security business inspections ● Compile Code of Conduct dockets against SSPs relating to the allegations of improper conduct (as per Annual Performance Plan/operational targets) ● Liaise with Authority Prosecutors in respect of charges and evidence ● Provide advice on regulations requirements for non-South Africans or foreign nationals ● Address telephonic and written enquiries in respect of the Act and regulations as well as enquiries following on from inspections ● Refer situations outside of standard procedures e.g. resistance to inspection, to management for guidance and/or assistance in proceedings ● Serve Regulation 3(4) notices on respondents ● refer matters to the Enforcement Unit Senior Inspections / provincial Manager in cases where enforcement related investigation is required ● Participate in joint operations with inspectorates and stakeholders (e.g. SAPS, SSA Metro Police and other State agencies ● Keep informed of progress on cases initiated which are handed over to law enforcement Unit ● Perform Commissioner of Oaths / Peace Officer functions ● Follow due process in taking affidavits of witnesses as well as aspects dealing with the collection of evidence to prove a case ● Testify in improper Conduct enquiries ● Liaise with finance department in respect of outstanding annual fees, fines, and the payment over to the Authority regarding these outstanding annual fees/fines. ● Submission of statistical reports on Law Enforcement activities.

Job Requirements: 

Recognized Certificate or Diploma in Policing/ Forensic Investigation or Law, Minimum of 2-3 years’ experience in Investigation. A valid driver’s license with 2 years’ experience in driving. Ideal candidates are expected to have their own reliable vehicle. Recognition of Prior Leaning (RPL) and applicable knowledge and experience on the Job may be considered during the selection process.

Job Type: 


Company Name: 

Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority

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