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Boiler Maker

• Replace and repair broken valves, pipes and joints using hand and power tools, gas torches and welding equipment
• Clean valves with scrapers, wire brushes and cleaning solvents
• Test and inspects boiler systems for leaks or defects
• Install small premade boilers in buildings, plants and workshops
• Read blueprints to
• Construct, assemble, maintain and repair pressure vessels
• Align structures or plate sections to assemble frame tanks or vats following blueprints
• Assist in testing assembled vessels
• Inspect assembled vessels and individual components such as tubes, fittings, valves, controls and auxiliary to locate any defects
• Install manholes, hand holes, taps, tubes, valves and feed water connections in drums of water tubes using hand tools
• Lay out plate, steel or other heavy metal and locate and mark bending and cutting lines using protractors, compasses and drawing instruments and templates
• Install and mark reference points for columns on templates following blueprints using straightedges, squares, transits and measuring instruments
• Observe health and safety protocols
• Perform any other duty as performed from time to time

Job Requirements: 

 N3 National Technical Certificate (Boiler Maker)
 Boiler Maker Trade certificate
 2 – 3 years relevant experience
 Computer Proficiency
 Sound Communication (Verbal & Written)
 Report Writing Skills
 Supervisory Skills
 Financial Management
 The ability to read and understand reading
 Experience in Computerized Maintenance Management System
 Valid Drivers’ License

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