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Branch manager

• Effective communication between staff and senior management
• Delegating to staff and junior management in order for store to run smoothly
• Assist in running of the branch including opening and closing the store
• Motivate, evaluate, coach, counsel and resolving conflict at store level
• Initiate investigation and disciplinary action timeously
• Adhering to decision making within limits of authority
• Manage Trainee Managers, Learnerships and Apprentices effectively on their training programme
• Sourcing entry level staff, interviewing and administration related to hiring.
• Identify and nurture in-store talent for succession planning
• Provide on the job training for customer service and product knowledgeDuties

- Maintaining staff by guiding and mentoring(training) employees; developing personal growth.
- Handling customer queries, complaints and requests
- Providing quality by enforcing quality and customer service standards.
- Organise workflow and ensure the customers are being seen to timeously.
- Promote customer service culture by ensuring consumer has a great customer experience when visiting stores.
- Assisting in resolving emergencies, such as a quality or customer problem that may need to be escalated to upper management.
- Providing reports and activity updates to upper management.
- Conducting training, implementing and enforcing systems, policies and procedures.
- Ensuring that direct instructions are carried out timeously and efficiently.
- Co-ordinating job rotation and floor rotation
- Contributes to the team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
- Maintaining liaison with all departments as well as upper management.
- Maintaining high moral.
- Identifying and resolving workplace problems i.e. tardiness, absenteeism
- Motivate, evaluate, coach, counsel and resolving conflict at store level
- Promoting team work.
- Maintaining quality and quantity of work.
- Keeping and maintaining the floor operations running smoothly and efficiently.
- Checking and maintaining (controlling) possible hazards and/or hazardous materials.
- Maintaining good house-keeping on the job.
- Sourcing entry level staff, interviewing and administration related to hiring.

• Provide on the job selling skills training
• Conduct visual merchandising skills training
• Oversee scheduling of work week for all staff
• Oversee cash handling and banking functions at store level
• Authorise, monitor and investigate refunds, exchanges and miscellaneous transactions timeously and accurately
• Reconcile and monitor cashier related admin
• Handling customer queries, complaints and requests
• Merchandising and maintenance of sales floor
• Ensure the continuous driving of availability of stock on the shop floor
• Monitoring stock levels
• Investigating slow lines/ weekly/monthly zero sale items
• Communicate in-store promotional items to junior management in advance
• Understanding the Profit and Loss report to increase sales and profit and reduce shrinkage
• Implement and manage loss prevention standards
• Asset protection and reporting faults, shortages and damages of equipment and shop fittings to regional management
• Patrolling the store and conducting perimeter checks
• Investigate mix pairs, damage and shrinkage according to threshold
• Perform stocktake duties such as preparation, binning and counting, investigating variances and zero counts
• Identifying health and safety hazards
• Assist other barnches on a temporary basis when short staffed

Job Requirements: 

- Time management.
- Effective communication.
- Problem solving skills.
- Decision-making skills.
- Interpersonal skills.
- Conflict resolution.
- Meticulous.

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