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Brand Strategy Intern


We are on the hunt for a Business Intelligence Intern or also known as a BI Brand Strat intern:
a person who loves to deliver and conduct research and analyses regarding brands; forward-thinking is the buzz
word here!

While the title of the role may sound very intimidating, it’s really nothing to fear. It’s a fancy
way of saying we need someone loving and living brand strategy, who can be a support
system to assist with identifying and analyzing information that makes brand sense.

Your role and responsibilities will involve understanding business challenges through data
analysis and supporting the development of dashboards and reports on brands. You’ll have strong
analytical skills and the ability to document and effectively communicate results and conclusions
from the information as evidenced by project reports, presentations, etc. You’ll also help the
team in the process of sourcing requirements from clients and translate them into detailed
business requirement specifications. The team will rely on your help when developing
website solutions by formulating objectives; planning project life-cycle deliverables, resource
availability, and application; preparing installation and modification specifications; leading the
exploration, evaluation, and design of technical solutions.

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The Knowledge Trust

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