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Buying Accountant


Buying Accountant – Job Description
Trading Terms
- Capture and maintain trading terms on the system (soon COR3)
- Manually record all divisional trading terms and ensure the monies are collected timeously
- Calculate top-up monies per quarter and ensure the monies are collected
- Calculate growth monies per annum and ensure the monies are collected
- Record all adverts per line item and calculate expected sallies to be claimed based on promo funding per supplier
- Compare expected sallies with actual sallies and ensure the differences are claimed
Direct Delivery Allowance
- Allocate direct delivery allowance monies received monthly to a ring-fenced account and compare to delivery costs paid
- Calculate monthly accruals
- Allocate merchandising monies received monthly to a ring-fenced account and compare to merchandising paid
- Calculate monthly accruals
Condition Contracts
- Track open contracts and remind buyers to release them
- Ensure condition contracts are made out with the correct type (accruals, single settlement, scan based etc.), profit center and conditions (i.e. Advertising, Sallies, Tallies, Merchandising, Swell etc.)
- Calculate account and profit center errors and forward to the DFM to reallocate
- Calculate accruals for incorrect contract dates and contracts released after month end and forward to the DFM to process
Swell Allowance
- Manually maintain a list of swell suppliers and communicate to stores on request
Management Reporting
- Monthly report on the buyers income statement sales, gp, sallies, ad-recoup (foods, non-foods, fresh)
- Track and report on GP, sallies and advertising recoup during the month
- Report sales, sallies and GP on national one day promotions like Red- and Brack Fridays
- Build forecast models on new ways of negotiating and returns achievable
- Develop and maintain a spend tracker per supplier to monitor income received year-on-year
- Supply marketing report data for monthly divisional books
- Division specific training for buyers and assistants on condition contracts and pricing claims
- Develop division specific job guides for the use of condition contracts based on commmon errors made and trading term negotiations
Admin / Other
- Manage shared documents on Google Drive
- Manage processes, roles and responsibilities of buying and marketing
- Continuously look for un-collected monies and build processes to prevent is from happening
- Assist head buyer with corporate governance in terms of supplier/service providor contracts, board resolutions required and sign-off criteria

 A Bachelor’s degree in Chartered Accountancy with at least 10-15 years commercial experience (CA)

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MJM Recruitment

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