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Creative Copywriter


POSITION: Tutor for the Online Creative Copywriting Course 
SALARY: 15 £ per hour
CONTRACT: freelance, project work (remote due COVID-19)
CLOSING DATE: 01.03.2021
START DATE: 15.03.2021 

Learn more about work at The International Career School (London, UK).

The Tutor for the Online Creative Copywriting Course will teach the students the basics of creating necessary digital content for Social Media recourses in an inspirational and informational manner.

Through an online course, our students will be able to get skills as: 
⦁ Creating textual content for any product, company or personal brand
⦁ Creating graphic, photo or video content
⦁ Writing a text for an email campaign, posts on Instagram and Facebook
⦁ Composing selling messages for each audience segment
⦁ Building a brand or personal community using social mechanics
⦁ Shooting video clips according to designed scripts using a smartphone
⦁ Working with Photoshop and Canva tools

At the end of the online course, students should understand the fundamentals of content creation and tools according to the marketing strategy for different types of brands.

Additional information:
The online course includes 4 weeks of online webinars each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, from 6 to 9 p.m (3 hrs, GMT London).
Although we give to every tutor a detailed presentation according to the course, and we would be glad that the tutors can bring their own experience and attitude to create a motivating and supportive environment for students to learn. After each lesson tutor should provide individual attention, personalized feed-back for their homework.

Job Requirements: 

You must have proven experience in teaching others and great knowledge of tools as:
Basic file editor: Google Docs.
Image editors: Canva, Adobe Photoshop, VSCO, Snapseed.
Mind mapping tools: Coogle or Mindmeister.
Video editors: Adobe Premiere Pro/ or Sony Vegas/ or Movavi.
Analitical services: Minter.io/ or socialbakers/ or pro.iconosquare

Job Type: 


Company Name: 

The International Career School

Company Location: 

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