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Envirnomental Officer

• Drafting an environmental policy and related procedures and standards
• Compiling, implementing, monitoring and reporting internally on environmental strategies and compliance plans as well management systems.
• Develop pollution control and prevention programmes
• Contributing to project documents
• Develop waste management programmes which will include waste reduction, recycling and reusing programmes
• Ensure the coordination of all aspects of resource use, pollution prevention, waste management, environmental health, risk assessment and employee involvement
• Plan and implement public consultation activities, communications, training and awareness/education programmes on environmental issues.
• Manage environmental research projects, including budgets and coordinating activities.
• Ensure compliance with relevant legislation, operating approvals.
• Establish and maintain ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System(EMS)
• Prepare compliance reports for regulators, including analysing and interpreting environmental monitoring data. Review and complete environmental audits and identify areas for improvement.
• Train staff and others to ensure corporate environmental awareness
• Monitoring projects and visiting sites, conducting site inspections and reviews. Promote public awareness and education.
• Coordinate environmental impact assessments where applicable.
• Develop climate change mitigation and adaptation strategy including developing the carbon footprint
• Liaise with various governmental departments to ensure compliance.
• Observe Health and Safety protocols
• All assignments directed from time to time

Job Requirements: 

 Relevant national diploma/degree (Environmental Sciences/ Environmental Engineering)
 A broad understanding of environmental issues combined with expertise and experience in project development and management.
 2 – 3 years environmental experience
 Valid Drivers’ License
 Computer Proficiency
 Report Writing and Presentation Skills
 Sound Communication Skills
 Interpersonal skills

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