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Facilitator / Assessor / Moderator


We are currently looking for constituent assessors, moderators, and facilitators as well as Learning Programme Designer in the following categories:

CATHSSETA registered
FETC: Sport Administration ID 67697 NQF Level 4
FETC: Sports Coaching: Juniors/Beginners ID 64369 NQF Level 4
NC: Fast Food Services ID 14115 NQF Level 3
NC: Live Event Technical Production ID 48669 NQF Level 2
FETC: Reception Operations and Services ID 65829 NQF Level 4

Fasset SETA
80189 Certificate: Accounting

DHET Trade/ QCTO Old Trades
2019-642601 Plumber
2019-641201 Bricklayer (Bricklayer and Plasterer)
2019-653303 Mechanical Fitter (Fitter including Machining) (Diesel Mechanic)
2019-641501 Carpenter (Carpenter & Joiner)
2019-671101 Electrician
2019-642201 Millwright
2019-651202 Welder
101258 Occupational Certificate: School Principal (School Manager)

Job Requirements: 

Minimum requirements:
• A valid South African Driver’s license
• 3 years of facilitation experience in face-to-face and online training for relevant SETA qualifications
• 2 years of Assessor experience
• 2 years of Moderation experience
• Vaccinated

• Permanent and freelance work available
• Bellville, Western Cape, and Thatchfield, Gauteng

Please send your CV and scope documents

Job Type: 


Company Name: 


Company Location: 

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