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Facilitator - Pretoria (FIDIC Contract Management for Engineers)

• Manorhouse is seeking the services of an expert Facilitator/ Assessor to Facilitate the above Two week - (half day) Training from 17 – 28 September 2018 (2 Weeks). The Facilitator is required to have at least two years’ experience in one on one/ small group facilitation.

• Assessors and Moderators must ensure to attach the following:
- Constituency Reports,
- Motivation Letter,
- CV with all contact details,
- Proof of Qualifications

By the end of this workshop, delegates are expected to have the following:

 An understanding of what the FIDIC contracts are and why they are important in the modern contracting environment;
 An overview of all the contracts in the FIDIC family;
 An understanding of the structure, overall approach to risk and language used in the FIDIC contracts;
 An understanding of their rights and obligations under the FIDIC contracts, and the consequences of not fulfilling or upholding these;
 Insight into how claims are brought, managed and defended under the FIDIC contracts;
 The ability to identify clauses which may raise problems in practice;
 An awareness of some ambiguities or uncertainty in the FIDIC contracts; and
 The tools to overcome some of these uncertainties


* Main features of the FIDIC Conditions of Contracts
* Introduction to Claims, Disputes and Arbitration
* Claims: Principles
* Claims: Procedures
* Claims: Preparation and Evaluation

Job Requirements: 

* Design workshop power point slides
* Research & prepare pertinent material (Case studies, Reading material, Class & Individual Exercises etc.)
* Deliver Workshop Facilitation.
* Sufficient Academic and Professional Qualifications + Relevant Accreditation as well as the requisite experience.
* Previous Facilitation experience
* Proficiency in English.
* Strong communication skills.
* Attention to detail.
* High level organisational skills.
* Motivated and passionate about Continuous professional development of professionals.
* Willingness to be flexible to the learning styles of each delegate.

Job Type: 


Company Name: 

Manorhouse Business School

Company Location: 

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