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The above Personnel reqiured for Training acroos the following Skills Progammes for a Project that we are Tendering for Nationally.

• SP 0756/13-17) Basic Fabrication Skills
• (SP 0393/09-17) Assistant Carbon Steel Welder
• (SP 0704/12-17) Carbon & Stainless Steel Plate & Pipe Welding For Coding
• (SP 0858/13-17) Gas Tungsten and Metal Arc Welding Skills
• (SP 0864/13-17) Welding Machine Operator
• (SP 0960/15-17) Carbon Steel Pipe Welder (In All Positions)

Training will be conducted at the Department of Correctional Services NATIONALLY:

NOTE: The Provider is already ACCREDITED with MERSETA. We do not require the above Prsonnel for ACCREDITATION PURPOSES.

Job Requirements: 

-Must be Registered with MERSETA forone or moreofthe above Skills Programmes
- Registraions must be CURRENT and VALID
- Must be able to travel, if required
- Must be prepared tosign a SLA with Training Provider

Please ensurethat you send a Covering Letter which states:

1.Area you are from
2. Relevant Registrations (MERSETA)
3. Experience
4. State whether you are willing to sign an SLA with the Provider
5. Whether you are availabe to travel
6. Whether we have your permission to submit your SLA witih Provider and Relevant documents ( CV, ID and Registrations) with Tender

In addition to this, I will require your:

1. CV
2. ID
3. Relevant Registrations

Job Type: 


Company Name: 


Company Location: 

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