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Facilities Co-ordinator


Facilities Co-ordinator
1. Manage Contractors
2. Reporting and following up on repair work
3. MHE abuse and cost recovery
4. Toyota invoicing – check rates, discount etc
5. Writing invoices in EIR book
6. Handle invoice queries
7. Updating OHS records
8. Scheduling OHS training
9. Monitoring First Aid stock – First Aid kits
10. Contact person between Contractor and credit dept regarding payment
11. Quality control
12. Implementation of company standards
Qualifications • Grade 12
• Relevant Diploma / Certificate
Experience • 2-3 years Supervisory/coordinating experience
• 2 years retail experience preferably within a Distribution Centre Knowledge • Knowledge of operating procedures within a Distribution Centre
• Knowledge of maintenance and repair work
• Good understanding and co-ordinating of work
• Mathematic/Accounting
• Computer Literacy
• Knowledge of MHE
• Product knowledge
• Technical terms used within a Distribution Centre
• Maintenance schedule
• Accounting Skills
• Supervisor/Management Skills
• Interpersonal Skills
• Problem Solving Skills
• Conflict Handling Skills
• Mathematic/Accounting
• Computer Literacy (Excel, Word and Powerpoint)
• Telephone skills
• Administration
• Organized
Job objectives The Supervisor assists the Facility Manager with issues pertaining to the Distribution Centre. Maintenance as well as working closely with contractors are their main responsibilities together with handling of queries and reports so that the Facilities Department operates effectively.
Competencies Essential
1. Leading and supervising
2. Working with people
3. Learning and researching
4. Planning and organising
5. Delivering results and meeting customer expectations
6. Following instructions and procedures
7. Adapting and responding to change
8. Coping with pressure and setbacks
9. Achieving personal work goals and objectives Desirable
10. Deciding and initiating action
11. Analysing
1. Adhering to principals and values
2. Deciding and initiating action
3. Creating and innovating
Low relevance
1. Relating and networking
2. Persuading and influencing
3. Presenting and communicating information 4. Writing and reporting
5. Applying expertise and technologies
6. Formulating strategies and concepts
7. Entrepreneurial and commercial thinking

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MJM Recruitment

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