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Plan, direct, control and coordinate the farm operations of a Farming Section on Letaba Estate (Tzaneen area) in an effective and efficient manner.
• African Realty Trust observes basic Citrus Production Principles. These principles are implemented timely and in a practical way. Production actions are thus focused on the tree in a disciplined obedience to the phenological cycle through the season.
• Firm understanding of these principles with regard to irrigation, fertilisation, pest and disease control, tree and soil health are essential.
• Sound Financial management and control is required.
• Understanding the intrigues of Human Resource Management together with productivity driven Labour Relations, shall sustain practical Labour Management.
• Compliance to all required Standards (GlogalGAP, SiZa, etc.) and specifications that distinguish exportable fruit.
• Implement the principle that “no job is finished until the paperwork is done”.

Job Requirements: 

Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent diploma in agricultural production and management will be an advantage.
Your experience in Lemon and Soft Citrus production will distinguish your application.
Knowledge of irrigation construction, installation and management will also be an advantage.

Sound, practical experience in Citrus production management

• Good supervision capability including analytical, planning, decision-making, organising and leadership skills;
• Attention to detail;
• A driven individual that can cope under pressure.
• Computer literate in Excel & MS Word – essential.

Job Type: 


Company Name: 

Letaba Estate

Company Location: 

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