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Head of Academic - (Re-advertisement)


About IOS Group:
IOS Group is a Multi-SETA and QCTO accredited skills development institution, established in 2001.

Purpose of the role:
• Put in place an academic faculty and product development unit for the company.
• Establish a Research, Development and Analysis sub-unit, a Monitoring & Evaluation Sub-unit and a Digital Enablement sub-unit.
• Lead the programme development execution through ensuring complete uniformity across business divisions and sub-units in the execution of products, services and client customised solutions in its interpretation
and vantage points from brand positioning, marketing, sales, business development, account management, operations, learning delivery and the company administration back-office (finance, HR, logistics and other
support functions.
• Improve and enhance product development and lead an internal and outsourced team of designers, developers, improvers and implementers of products, services and client customised solutions in accordance with
multiple “user” and commercialisation design protocols.
• Ensure that all products, services and client customised solutions are designed in line with world-class standards and ensure full accreditation, trademarks, copyright, authorisation with local and international
regulators, professional bodies, trade associations and industry associations.
• Develop an Academic Faculty with an advisory board, new expert trainers, lecturers, facilitators, assessors, moderators, eTutors, practical instructors, workplace mentors, SMART iQ practitioners, FPC practitioners,
community project counsellors.

Work Integration
• Lead the change management project of the current company products, services and client customised solutions to be client facing, demand driven and aligned to current market needs and imperatives across
business divisions and sub-units.
• Lead on the digital transformation of the business, specifically the strategic, operational and business model imperatives with regard to world-class and cutting-edge design and development of digital learning and
auxiliary technology solutions.
• Conduct ongoing products, services and client customised solutions training for staff, contract consultants, project managers, channel partners, sales agents and business brokers.
• Understand and implement the company’s project-based implementation methodology

• Establish a “Centre for Professional Advancement” for staff training, channel partner and sales agents training, train-the-trainer development, training of eLearning Principals, Lecturers, Teachers and Teachers
Assistants for public and private sector institutions, schools, colleges and training centres.
• Design, develop and produce the necessary content for products, services and client customised solutions and associated curricula, syllabi, programme strategies, project delivery plans as well as institutional
learning programmes (taught curriculum/programme strategy) development, a comprehensive set of learning material: manuals, handbooks, assessment guides and instruments and all quality assurance policies,
procedures and practices.
• Develop specialised curricula, programme strategies, content, project planning templates, delivery pathways, assessment protocols for integrated learning practices such as P-TECH, Artisan Acceleration Community
Projects, Work-readiness Programmes, Student Wrap-around Programmes, Workplace Mentorship Programmes, etc.
• Maintenance of current learning material as well as modify and align them according to the principles of a continuous improvement cycle.
• Develop the production or learning delivery for all the products, services and client customised solutions such a QCTO, SETA and NAMB products, NATED products, industry customised products, SMART iQ, Future
Professionals Candidacy (FPC) and other solutions in the form of Company Handbooks and User Manuals.
• Work with all the unit heads to ensure seamless contextual usage of products, services and client customised solutions across various business units i.e., Head of Growth, Key Accounts Head: Key Accounts Head:
Private Sector Business, Key Accounts Head: Public Accounts, Client Business Lead – Sport, Client Business Lead – Arch Institute, Operations Head and Back-office Head.
• Work with the MDs/GMs in the Arch Group of subsidiaries companies, for now, Arch Impact Partners and VirtuTalent, Talent Acceleration Fund.
• Conduct ongoing products, services and client customised solutions training for staff, contract consultants, project managers, channel partners, sales agents and business brokers.
• Understand and implement the company’s project-based implementation methodology.
• The building of a world class Academic Faculty, Professional Practice Unit, Training Delivery Unit with highly skilled and top quality ETD Practitioners, e.g. Programme Design Specialist, Digital Instructional Design
Specialist, Lecturers, Artisan Instructors, Workplace Mentors, Smart iQ Practitioners, FPC Practitioners, Facilitators, Assessors, Moderators, tutors, eAssessors, eModerators, Project Councillors etc. and the support
of Client Business Leads, Sales and Marketing personnel, Account Managers, Operations Head and Learning Delivery Specialists and Project Managers as part of the project delivery team.
• Research and develop interventions for continuous professional development for the leadership of the organisation.
• Perform training needs analysis and ensure team members are appropriately trained and developed to fulfil their roles and drive a learning culture in teams.
• Drive continuous improvement through collaboration with clients and service delivery teams.
• Manage the creation of online courses using multimedia authorizing tool.

Job Requirements: 

• Post-graduate diploma, certificate, diploma degree on education or similar
• Vocational and occupational specialist qualifications, expertise and experience
• Digital learning specialist qualifications, expertise and experience
• Learning Programmes design, development and delivery specialist qualifications, expertise and experience
• ISO and quality assurance design expertise and experience
• Instructional Design expertise and experience
• Business writing and proposal development skills
• Product commercialisation expertise and experience
• Copy-editing skills and words processing and type-setting skills
• Decision-making, critical thinking and critical thinking skills
• Team work skills
• Leadership and organisation skills
• English communication skills (Verbal and Written)

Job Type: 


Company Name: 

IOS Group

Company Location: 

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