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HR Administrative Co-Ordinator


1. General HR administration and filing
• Creating new personal files and update files
• Keep record and update contact details of personnel and addresses
• Ad Hoc HR Administration as and when required
• Distribute correspondences accordingly to relevant staff members
• All HR Filing
• Type documents, letters, reports, CVs in RS’s format, etc
• Coordinate and set up interviews •
• Updated personnel file for each employee
• All personnel changes done
• All correspondence distributed on time
• No outstanding filing
• All typing done according to the RSH format
• Interviews set up professionally
2. Employees Life Cycle Management
• Process all documentation in terms of the following:
o Recruitment
o Terminations
o Transfers
o Absconding
o Promotions
o Dismissals
o Leave
o Performance Management
• Prepare provident fund, UI19, salary schedules, UI 2.7 documents, COIDA forms
• Assist with the screening, selection and interview assessment
• Conduct criminal checks and ensure results are filed and communicated to operations
• Engagements and Terminations on Psira
• All documentation is processed correctly and on time.
• Zero tolerance on incorrect processed documentation or late processing
• Ensure strict confidentiality on all criminal check information
• All provident fund, UI19, salary schedules, UI 2.7 documents, COIDA forms are accurate and on time.
• Zero tolerance on incorrect filing
• Zero tolerance on incorrect records
• Zero tolerance on incorrect or outstanding engagements and terminations

3 Leave administration
• Reporting on number of leave days entitled/outstanding/accrued
• Files of all leave forms
• Ensuring that all leave forms are received prior to leave and submitted to payroll
• Follow-up where leave forms are not received on time
• Report on discrepancies •
• Leave reports are generated correctly and on time.
• Zero tolerance on leave applications not processed or late processed.
• All leave forms are filed correctly, zero tolerance on incorrect filing of leave forms
• No outstanding leave forms
• Discrepancies are dealt with correctly
4. HR Reports
• Tracking of Employment Equity (EE) status and monthly reporting
• Develop and deliver HR Monthly Report
• Ad-Hoc required reports •
• Update EE System on a weekly basis
• Compliant with EE plan
• Submit the HR report monthly as per stipulated deadlines
• All ad-hoc reports done correctly and on time
5. Workforce Database
• Manage Workforce Data
• Keep monthly copy
• Manage Master Data
• Workforce database is up to date
6. Performance Management
• Notify all managers in writing of the performance appraisals of Security Officers that needs to be submitted before the due date
• Performance tracking of Security Officers are monthly consolidated from information received by the 7th of each month
7. Induction
• Ensure induction are done for all new Security Officers in terms of the Security Officer Induction Pack
• Smooth running Induction process
8. Employer of Choice
• Adhere to code of confidentiality related to RSH and its members’ information, its policies, rules, and regulations
• Live by the standards and the RSH values.
• Keeping abreast with changes in operational regulations and legislation.
• Read understand and sign –off company policies.
• Zero tolerance for breach of confidentiality.
• Always up-to-date and current with all changes in operational regulations and legislation.
• Always behave and act in the best interest of RSH, upholding the values at all times
• Sign- off of company policies.
9. Service Provider of Choice
• Act professional at all times.
• Demonstrate continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes, and work cooperatively and jointly to provide quality seamless customer service
• Receive instructions from your superior and act on it diligently and effectively.
• Zero complaints from HOD’s on HR efficiency impacting customer service

Job Requirements: 

SAGE VIP Training Certificates: HR and VIP
Any other Human Resource Qualification will be an advantage
Experience and understanding of Private Security Industry would be an advantage.
Understanding of HR statutory guidelines and regulations
Computer literate
Proficient with Microsoft office (Outlook/Excel/Word)
• Number skills
• Honesty
• Highest level of confidentiality
• Accountability
• Client/Customer Service Orientation
• Dependability
• Efficiency
• Respect and Valuing Diversity
• Quality Assurance
• Attention to detail
• Time management
• Initiative
• Problem solving
• Communication skills
• Excellent logical thinking and reasoning capabilities
• Willing to keep on learning
• Good typing
• Stress and conflict handling
• Ability to work under pressure
• Multitask and prioritising
• Team player
• Cooperation

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