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Java Team Leader


Rapidly fast-growing software development company whom develops games and systems for the online gambling market, is looking for a skilled Team Leader to join their team. If you are looking for job satisfaction in a sustainable working environment, then you will fit in perfectly in this exciting career opportunity.
Yes, every staff member matters! Feel part of a team that not only care about the work you do, but also let you be part of their family – you will feel a sense of purpose and belonging and be part of a team who wants to build a lifetime relationship. They make sure their staff is always happy – thus the reason that the core staff has been there longer than a decade. Join this low stress atmosphere, healthy work environment as well as healthy personal life.

Looking for Java Developer to lead one of the development teams. You need to have experience as a Team Leader in an agile software development, with a background of Java Development.

Job Requirements: 

The Team

You will lead a team of Java Developers, Javascript Developers, Unit Test Developers and a QA specialist. , two Java developers, two Javascript developers, a Java automated and unit test developer, and a quality assurance specialist. The team will interact with the product owner, a development manager, and a technical architect.

The Technology Stack

Working knowledge of the following technologies is a must:
• Java version 8+
• Spring boot
• Microservices
• Kubernetes
• Angular 2+
• Eclipse/IntelliJ Idea
• Jira

Job Description

• People - Line management of an Agile team of developers and QAs. Regular one to ones, career development, performance reviews. This includes training and mentorship of team members.
• Perform the duties of a scrum master: liaise with product management on the client side to gather project requirements; ensure that the team has enough stories to work on each sprint; facilitate scrum ceremonies; ensure that sprint work is carried out in a timely manner; remove impediments so that the team can work without interruptions.
• Gather requirements regarding the infrastructure needs of the team and ensure that the team has the required hardware, software and skills development needed to be able to perform at an optimum level.
• Continuously keep up-to-date with the latest technology trends and engage in research and development activities to ensure that the team is using the most recent and relevant tools for the job.
• Attend to admin duties relating to the proper functioning of the team.
• Update project tickets in Jira and ensure that confluence pages are regularly revised.
• Process - Continuous improvement of the team processes, quality of deliverables and technical standards. This includes enforcing good coding and QA practices.
• Delivery - Ensure the team is delivering excellent quality solutions, reporting progress and improving delivery if necessary.
• Hands on delivery - A proportion of your time will be spent contributing to the team's code base.

6. Personal Characteristics

• An empathetic servant leader who balances the need of their development team with the needs of the business.
• Facilitates meetings well, ensuring that all participants’ thoughts are considered.
• Can communicate clearly to various levels; developers, managers and business stakeholders.
• A dependable person who delivers consistent quality.
• A curious person who learns and improves their professional skills.
• A lateral thinker who can solve problems using creative reasoning.
• A team collaborator who is able to take part in productive and respectful discussions with their colleagues.
• Proactively seeks out areas of inefficiency within the scope of the role, taking action to make continuous improvements.

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