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Learning and Development Co-ordinator


Riversands Incubation Hub, a NPO, works with exciting entrepreneurs every day with the intention of creating an enabling ecosystem for business to grow. They actively seek a team member that is talented, curious, purpose-driven and can fit into their culture. As they are an entrepreneurial start up environment, they value creative problem solving, open communication and someone that can work in a flat managerial hierarchy. The Learning and Development Co-ordinator plays a crucial role in the development of our growing and evolving entrepreneurial ecosystem. The role comprises:

* Administration and co-ordination relating to curriculum development, training support and activities.
* Capturing of learning and development ecosystem data for reporting and storage purposes.
* Assisting in the preparation and co-creation of multi-media learning material.
* Conducting research and source content for the ecosystem division.
* Copyrighting of learning and ecosystem materials.
* Assisting in increasing engagement with SME's on curriculum and content.
* Assisting in the co-ordination of different programs, projects and service providers.
* Ensuring quality control and continuous improvement.
* Partaking in the various ecosystem activities and initiatives.
* Assisting in the maintenance of budget and the tracking of such budgets.

Job Requirements: 

Essential skills:
1. A Degree in Human Resources, Psychology, Business or similar. Entrepreneurial experience in running a business would be an advantage.
2. Minimum of 2 years with a training / facilitation background and experience in curriculum / content development within the learning and development environment; more especially in the SME urban and peri-urban areas would be an
3. Knowledge and experience in use of online digital platforms in the development and facilitation curriculum and content.
4. Analytical skills to be able to extract and identify skills gaps and come up with appropriate options/solutions.
5. Extensive computer skills / knowledge, i.e., Microsoft and additional software solutions.
6. Excellent communication (written and grammatical) and copywriting skills.
7. Can work in a diverse team, has good people and networking skills, but has the ability to work independently.
8. An innovative and quick learner who has a passion to learn and try out new things.
9. A mature individual who through own experience can take responsibility, is organised, self-motivated, work proactively with a strong sense of purpose to deliver on target.
10. Knowledge of research techniques
11. Marketing and social media management experience would be an advantage.

Job Type: 


Company Name: 

Riversands I-Hub

Company Location: 

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