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Duties as listed in OHC F0073 - OHMP Job Description and regulatory and legislative framework of:

o The Occupational Health and Safety Act
o The Medicine and Related Substances Control Act
o The Nursing Act
o The Pharmacy Act
o Regulations for Hazardous Chemical Substances (Reg. 1179 of 28 Aug. 1995).
o The Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act
o The Health Act
o The Labour Relations and Basic Conditions of Employment Act.
o SANS 01248:2008 National Waste Management Bill
o Protection of Personal Information Act
o GMP (Food and Pharmaceutical manufacturing)

• Key Performance Indicators:
o Minimum 15-minute waiting time for patients
o Time keeping (within shift of 08:00 to 12:00)
o Incident management system – monitoring of incident frequency rate.
o Conduct customer satisfaction surveys – random, 25% of all patients per quarter (85% score required).
o Management reports

• Key issues:
o POPI act. – confidentiality is key and will be tested in audits
o Customer focus
o Value for money
o Cleanliness, Hygiene and Sterilization of equipment - Visible hand washing, cleanliness, use of (labelled) sterilization sprays.
o Waste management
o IT - Working on SAP system – training to be provided.

• 9-month contract which will be re-evaluated 2 weeks before its completion.
• Weekly shift of 08:00 to 12:00. A fixed day to be agreed / confirmed ( preferably Tuesdays).

• the week off the 18th – 22nd of January 2021 until 30th of September 2021

Job Requirements: 

General requirements:
• Perform his/her OMP duties to the best of his/her ability and in terms of the Legal, Client and Industry standards.
• Suitably qualified to perform the work of OMP.
• Work as OMP Consultation at the Clients Head Office, in Midrand

• Inclusive off:
o 1 full day of Client site induction.
o Travelling costs.
o Daily file review, as and when required
o Hours worked more than the above-mentioned hours shall only be done after consultation and agreement with the Client and General Manager (BCOH).

General behaviour and skills
• It is required at all-time have a positive attitude towards the management of Bluecollar Occupational Health, colleagues and clients.
• Personal issues should always remain personal and private, especially remuneration packages and other benefits received
• Blue Collar has high regard for honesty, loyalty, and a professional behaviour towards colleagues and especially clients.
• Bluecollar Occupation Health policy is that the client is always right and therefore requiring you to act courteous and professional when dealing with clients.
• Maintaining confidentiality.
• Ability to work with a demanding Client.
• IT and Social media skills.

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