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Online Media Content Creator

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Work as a video content creator / assistant creator for a young, growing, internationally focused online media company with millions of monthly viewers, located in Val de Vie Estate – Paarl/Franschhoek. The video content is software based and will be captured and edited on PC, in a relaxed, flexible environment. If you have extensive PC use and gaming experience and you’re a creative person, this position could be for you!
The Company :
Intellect Corp. Media Ltd. is a holding company for the business’ online media endeavours. The first online media push was started in 2016 in the form a YouTube channel, which has grown exponentially and is rapidly advancing towards the 1 million subscriber mark. With your help, we’ll be maximising our capitalisation on all the revenue and engagement benefits that come with having a very large online audience. We’ll also be pursuing new channels and platforms.

You’ll be working on the latest, top-end PC hardware and software on 4K screens.

The Position :
(All the requirements below can/will be taught on the position. If you’re a PC gamer, and you have extensive personal use experience with hardware and software – this will help a huge amount).
-Screen Record and capture PC-based soft body physics simulations, with scenes that you will set up, in a creative way
-Edit the captured footage using Adobe Premiere Pro CC (you'll be taught this on the go, but you should be able to learn effectively by aplying your existing general pc competence.
-Create awesome videos by using accompanying music, sound effects, etc. (You'll be assisting at first, but will create large parts of the videos yourself later on.)
-Tend to pre-publishing aspects of posts (creating thumbnails, typing descriptions, etc.)
-Regular, pro active, text based interaction with fans and subscribers, social media posts, etc.

To be considered for this position, we should receive your CV no later than 24 May 2019.

Job Requirements: 

Requirements :
-Extensive personal use PC experience and knowledge of PC hardware and software in general (the type you gain from having a personal interest in PCs, and PC gaming.)
-Creativity in a graphical / video creation / social media context
-Quick learner with PC software (you’ll learn the software on the go)
-Gaming experience will be a huge benefit
-Have initiative, be a problem solver
-Very Good social media interaction skills (you will text-interact with subscribers and followers on a mostly daily basis, online)
-Required to work towards deadlines and on a strict posting schedule
-Have dedication to this position. There is potential for growth and if you grow with the company as a valuable asset, you’ll be recognized and compensated as such in the future.

Job Type: 


Company Name: 

Intellect Corp. Media Ltd.

Company Location: 

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