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Plant Superintendent (ORANGE RIVER REGION)

• Calculate of monthly chemical costs and maintaining of appropriate chemical stock levels;
• Attend Regional Stakeholder meetings;
• Prepare annual budget in terms of agreed templates, criteria and timeframes;
• Ensure Optimization chemical dosage;
• Assist with Planning and arranging of annual cleaning of reservoirs;
• Ensure regular cleaning and maintenance of treatment process units;
• Assist with pipeline failures as and when required;
• Report minor maintenance work on reservoirs, plant and pump stations;
• Ensure that meter readings are done at the required time, data captured and approved on intranet;
• Ensure that meter readings are captured and approved on intranet;
• Ensure that bacteriological, chemical and physical samples are taken fortnightly, delivered to service providers and attending to feedback/report outcomes
• Verification of bulk billing meters;
• To pro-actively plan plant operation for 24 hours in advance;
• Coordinating and approval of leave;
• Overseeing of disciplinary matters;
• Performance assessments for Senior Process Controllers and Lab Technicians;
• Overtime, shifts and standby planned and managed properly;
• Develop, maintain and observe SOP’s;
• Compile Operational report to Regional Manager;
• Compile Chemical usage, pump readings, lab-averages of tests report;
• Monthly and quarterly reporting to Bloemfontein Office and DWS
• Blue Drop Assessment
• Production Report
• Adhere to H & S standards in all plants and pump stations(Operations matters)
• All reasonable assignments as directed from time to time

Job Requirements: 

- ND: Water Care/Chemical Engineering/Equivalent;
- Seven (7), Seven to Ten (7-10) experience in Water Treatment Plants;
- Class V Classification with DWS;
- Computer Proficiency (MS Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, etc.);
- Computerized Maintenance Management System(Optional);
- Valid Drivers’ License;
- Technical Report Writing;

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