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Poultry farming Assessor

We are looking for people with Occupational Certificate in Poultry Farmer level 5 with an ID No.99027.
The following outcomes should guide you in what is expected from our applicants

1. Conduct poultry husbandry, healthcare and bio-security practices.
2. Monitor and correct poultry production-related problems observed.
3. Lead and direct the activities of work teams on a poultry production unit.
4. Manage people, stock on hand and costs of a poultry farming operation.
5. Provide day-to-day direction and control poultry farming operations to ensure that production
targets and quality standards are met.
6. Oversee the functionality and maintenance of poultry production units or sites

Job Requirements: 

>1-3 years facilitation experience in Poultry farming needed
>Updated CV with contactable references
>Qualifications in Poultry farming

Job Type: 


Company Name: 

Training at work

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