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Process Controller CALEDON(2) MODDER RIVER (2) ORANGE RIVER (2)

• Ensure that the quantity of water treated meets the demand
• Assume full responsibility for treatment process whilst on duty
• Desludging performed when required
• Backwash of filters when required
• Calculation of chemical dosages and the recording thereof
• Adjust chemical dosages according to raw water flow and NTU
• Operation of pump station
• Manage reservoir levels
• Change of chlorine cylinders
• Proactive problem solving
• Compilation of reports
• Adhere to Health & Safety standards in all plants and pump stations
• Perform Lab tests
• Any reasonable and relevant duties as assignment from time to time

Job Requirements: 

- Grade 12
- DWAS Classification (Class 3 and above)
- Valid drivers’ License
- 3 - 5 years’ water care experience
- Computer literate
- Basic knowledge of Health and Safety
- Knowledge of treatment plants and pump stations

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