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Programme Manager

Purpose of the role:

Provide direction to achieve strategic or operational goals through collaboration and driving delivery and integration of related projects to achieve stakeholder requirements and meet organisational objectives.

Required Qualification
• Completed relevant undergrad degree/diploma
• Project management certification
• Track record of delivery of projects
• Preferred:
• SME in relevant function / field

• 7-10 years' project management experience
• Preferred: SME in relevant function/field
Skills & Competencies:
• Functional Competency: Programme and Project Management
• Technical: Knowledge of Project Management Methodologies (to be developed)
• Cognitive Competency: Strategic Thinking
• Intrapersonal Competency: Drive and Results Orientation
• Communication Competency: Presentation and Facilitation Skills
• Leading/Managing Competency: Planning & Organising
• Functional Competency: Organisational Awareness
• Leading/Managing Competency: Developing People
• Interpersonal Competency: Building Strategic Relationships / Networking
• Communication Competency: Verbal and Written Communication
• Leading / Managing Competency: Vision Creation and Motivation
• Cognitive Competency: Problem Solving
• Intrapersonal Competency: Assertiveness
• Communication Competency: Influencing and impact
• Technical: Knowledge of SDLC (to be developed)
• Communication Competency: Conflict Management
• Technical Skill: Operational Risk Management
• Intrapersonal Competency: Resilience and Stress Management
• Technical Competency: Computer literacy for Project Management (to be developed)
• Technical: Business Process Knowledge
• Intrapersonal Competency: Time and Self Management
• Interpersonal Competency: Engaging Diversity
• Functional Competency: Commercial and Financial Acumen
• Functional Competency: Anticipating and Managing Change

Responsibilities will include: • Process: Manage and monitor team efforts to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of an identified set of related projects grouped as a programme.
• Process: Design integrated programme plans, identify resources for execution purposes, implement, identify risks and apply associated project management principles.
• Process: Prioritise and allocate work and manage related processes to achieve predefined objectives within quality standards.
• Process: Accumulate information to provide an aggregated overview of multiple projects progress to be used for decision-making purposes.
• Process: Ensure timeous communication on progress and challenges in achieving tactical delivery plans to impacted stakeholders.
• Process: Identify and analyse issues in project delivery systems, resolve conflicts and implement solutions in support of tactical and operational goal achievement.
• Process: Develop and advise on appropriate change strategies in alignment with project requirements that support overall business strategy.
• Customer: Build and maintain relationships with clients and stakeholders that promote cross delivery practice solutions.
• Customer: Engage with key internal stakeholders to identify changing client needs.
• Customer: Ensure customer satisfaction with regard to the quality of project support provided by a team being managed.
• Customer: Provide regular reports on delivery of projects against agreed service level agreements and in terms of overall business objectives.
• Customer: Continuously monitor actual project progress and resolve issues speedily to enhance effective client service delivery.
• Finance: Draw up a budget in alignment with programme delivery plans, monitor effectiveness, report on variances and provide solution recommendations.
• Governance: Implement and use governance & compliance procedures & processes effectively to identify and manage risks and expose previously unknown liabilities.
• People: Continuously develop own expertise in terms of industry and subject matter development and application thereof in an area of specialisation.
• People: Implement people resource planning in line with delivery and performance objectives, on budget and in partnership with specialised areas.
• People: During performance assessment: provide feedback, instruction & development guidance to help others excel in their current or future responsibilities.
• People: Demonstrate exemplary leadership behaviour, through personal involvement, commitment and dedication in support of organisational values.
• People: Recommend and positively influence, direct and implement changes to optimise organisational processes, systems, policies and procedures.

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MJM Recruitment

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