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Project Administration Manager


The purpose of this job is, but not limited to,
• Divisional reporting requirements to internal and external stakeholders.
• Establish and maintain effective document control processes and systems.
• Project coordination services to Project Managers.
• Coordination of responses to external and internal audit information requirements.

1. Manage collations of information from Project Managers and the teams to use for consolidation of inputs and finalizations of stakeholder reports
• Quarterly reports to Minister.
• Quarterly reports to Board Committees
• Monthly reports to Minister.
• EXCO Monthly Report
• Organise and prepare presentations on project collateral.

2. Ensure quality submissions from respective project managers for internal or external submission e.g., EXCO, Board Technical Committee.

3. Manage inputs into the corporate planning and reporting processes
• Contribution to Annual Report
• Contribution to Corporate Plan
• Updated Business Plans
• Updated and tracked Business Scorecard

4. Oversee the development and maintenance of a best practice document control system for PMID.
• Develop & Maintain file plans
• Document procedures for document and records management
• Determine document control processes to facilitate alignment into approved electronic document control system

5. Coordinate requirements from internal and external audit functions and consolidate team and management responses to ensure closure.
6. Management of staff resources within the Project Administration branch of the Project Office. Effectively managed staff through capacitation and provision of enabling environment. Structure and Organize presentations in the agreed form.

Job Requirements: 

• B Degree/ B Tech qualification
• 8 years project reporting in large scale projects, of which 5 years MUST be people management experience
• Excellent skills in document compilation within MS Office Suite with high aptitude for quality

Job Type: 


Company Name: 

Kwakuhle Staffing Solutions

Company Location: 

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