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Project Coordinator

• Capture information on Project Manager Software
• Compile agendas and minutes of PMO related meetings
• Register, distribute and follow up of submission format documents within required turnaround time
• Project Office Filing
• Arranging of meetings
• Typing of memos, agendas and letters relating to the PMO
• Processing of purchase and payment requests on Maximo and Financial Intranet system
• Project Practice Management
• Implementation Plan
• Project Management
• Act in accordance with H & S procedures
• Collate information on identified projects, in collaboration with designated technical staff
• Assist with maintenance of CAPEX program
• Support bid committees as and when required
• Assist with drafting of specifications where required
• Observe process flow in PMO within required turnabout time
• Monitor & Verify Projects
• Attend site meetings, briefing sessions and handover meetings
• Update and provide information on tender spreadsheet
• Coordinate and consolidate report on job creation
• All reasonable and related assignments as given from time to time

Job Requirements: 

 Grade 12
 Relevant National Diploma
 Projects Management Qualification;
 2 - 3 years’ experience in projects administration;
 Experience with Computerised Maintenance Management Systems;
 Computer Proficiency;
 Valid Drivers’ License

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