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Provincial Manager: KwaZulu Natal


ESSENTIAL CRITERIA: ● Strategic leadership and thinking ● Service delivery focus ● Managing resources effectively ● Communication Management and stakeholder relations, as well as managing relationship building ● Teamwork and build a positive team environment, and be a contributor to the team success ● Ability to motivate and counsel positively ● Ability to take key decisions in complex situations and stand by the decision/s taken ● Ability to grasp, communicate strategic objectives and implementing required actions ● Highly innovative, achievement oriented and self-motivated ● Advanced computer literacy in MS Office packages - Word, Ms Excel, Ms PowerPoint.

KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS: Staff & office management: ● Lead, manage and empower all staff in the Provincial Office to ensure that staff meets their objectives in line with broader objectives and requirements of PSiRA ● Implement performance management system in Province ● Attend to staff management matters in the Province ● Ensure provision of all support functions such as corporate support services (i.e. human resources, information technology & knowledge management, administration, facilities, events management & communication), finance and supply chain management in the Provincial Office ● Manage the day-to-day operations of the Provincial Office to ensure that the Provincial Office operates and functions to the required standards and performance levels, and also delivers services to the required levels as per signed service level agreement (SLA) . Registrations: ● Manage the registration processes in a Provincial Office in accordance to legislative requirements. Includes the following activities: screening and processing registration applications received by the Provincial Office. Managing the renewal of existing licenses in a Provincial Office in accordance to legislative requirements. Inspections & Prosecutions: ● Manage the issuing and serving of non-compliance notices and penalties to the Security Providers and applications in adherence to the relevant Act ● Ensure that hearing and enquiries of the Security Providers are held ● Ensuring that outstanding annual fees and fines are paid by licensees to PSiRA ● Ensure the post-inspections and verifications of individuals are done to ensure that licensees comply and adhere to the legislative requirements. Also responds to reports of the alleged violations of laws, regulations, rules, policies and practices by conducting random inspections ● Participate in the investigation of corruption and/or fraudulent issuing of certificates in the Provincial Office ● Ensure that dockets are compiled ● Oversee the serving of charge sheets and summonses. Complaints management: ● Ensure adherence to and implement the complaints management system to ensure that all complaints, enquiries and queries are responded to with the agreed service standards and levels ● Handle complaints, queries and enquiries escalated by staff and or by the industry against non-compliances in the industry to ensure those are resolved. Finance & administration: ● Manage the service contracts/agreements with service providers/suppliers/vendors to ensure that service provided is according to the agreed and signed service levels and contract/agreement • Produce management reports as and when required (typically monthly) so that Executive is provided with up-to-date information and is informed of the operations of the Provincial Office on an ongoing basis ● Oversee management, maintenance and safeguarding of assets and equipment in Provincial Office to ensure that all assets and equipment are used and managed in an effective, efficient, economical and transparent way ● Oversee the maintenance of assets register at all times in order to protect PSiRA’s assets against any possible risks/losses ● Compile, monitor and control the implementation of capital and operational budget in the Provincial Office so that the expenditure is in line with defined limits and PSiRA’s organisational strategy. Strategy & programme implementation: ● Implement PSiRA’s policies, procedures and processes so that the Provincial Office delivers to the mandate • Develop and implement business and operational plan of the Provincial Office to achieve PSIRA’s strategy ● Manage the implement and assist with the review of various initiatives and programmes in the Provincial Office to ensure that they meet the set goals and objectives. Includes: implementation of marketing and communication initiatives and programmes. Implementation of compliance and enforcement programmes and initiatives. Stakeholder management: ● Implement of stakeholder education and empowerment ● Chair Provincial Committee meetings and provide a secretariat function and administrative support ● Responsible for the functioning of Provincial Committee to ensure that it operates and complies with legislative requirements. ● Liaise with EXCO sub-committees (i.e. Registration & Regulatory) on relevant matters within the Province • Oversee quality assurance of reports before they are submitted to the Provincial Committees ● Liaise with members of the public to ensure that all the required information is provided, enquiries are resolved, queries and complaints are attended to ● In liaison with the Deputy Director: Communication, interact or communicate with the media on compliance and enforcement initiatives, programmes and campaigns to create awareness about compliance and enforcement ● Participate in the development, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and continuous improvement of customer relations management systems and strategies within the Provincial Office.

Job Requirements: 

An earned recognized degree in Business Administration/Management or equivalent ● At least 6-10 years’ experience in a Businness Management and Adminitration environment with at least 3 years in management level ● Valid driver’s licence ● A post-graduate qualification in the same field and qualification in Law or Policing Management will be an added advantage.

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Company Name: 

Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority

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