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PWD Learnership Opportunity Food & Beverage Services - NQF 4

Job Purpose;
This qualification is designed to be applicable to various sectors, from small restaurants to large-scale hotels. The qualification leads toward the F&B Management diploma and provides articulation with Gaming, Travel and other Tourism industries. This qualification is suitable for unemployed individuals or those currently employed within a hospitality establishment. Unemployed delegates should have an interest and acumen to work in the Food Services arena, as a table attendant, waiter or function helper. Employed delegates embarking on the qualification, should have the desire to further their skills and knowledge of Food Services operations.

On completion of this qualification, the delegate should be able to:
- Deal with customers and process incoming and outgoing telephone calls.
- Maintain health, hygiene and professional appearance.
- Handle and store cleaning equipment and material as well as handle and dispose of waste.
- Maintain the receipt, storage and issue of goods.
- Clean and store glassware as well as clean and restock drinks machines/equipment.
- Contribute to the identification of short-term supply needs.
- Prepare and clear areas for table service and provide a table service.
- Provide a table drink service and provide a carvery/buffet service.
- Serve bottled wine and prepare and serve wine.
- Prepare and serve spirits and liqueurs.
- Maintain table and drink service.
- Supervise the running of a function and maintain customer satisfaction.
- Describe layout, services and facilities of the organisation.
- Maintain a secure and safe working environment.
- Conduct on the job coaching.
- Operate a payment point and process payments and handle and record refunds.
- Develop oneself in the job role.
- Source information about self-employment opportunities.
- Planning and deliver staff training and develop in own are of responsibility.
- Induct new staff member to workplace.
- Monitor and maintain health, safety and security as well as maintain a preventative maintenance programme.

Job Requirements: 

The delegate must be competent in Mathematics at NQF Level 3 and Communication at NQF Level 3.

Skills Required;
- Excellent Communication Skills
- Multi-tasking Skills
- Excellent Computer Skills (i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
- Ability to lead a team
- Ability to work under a lot of pressure
- Ability to work shifts

Job Ref: GAL-HV

Job Type: 


Company Name: 

ProServ South Africa

Company Location: 

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