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Recruitment and Learner Manager


Ensure and manage effective learner recruitment; manage learner recruitment as per the project required demographics and co-ordinate learner tracking (attendance in the classroom, workplace and off-site hosting), post learnership check in; liaise with team members across various departments and manage assigned resources. Prepare and manage off-site host management stipend summaries for stipend payment at month end. Manage and administer all learner IR related matters

Job Requirements: 

Exercise judgment and management in making sure that project scope instructions and SLA deliverables are being adhered to in terms of achieving:
 Learner recruitment and selection as per the contracted demographics and specs by using the allocated resources and appointed recruitment platforms
 Continuous and effective learner tracking during the project life-cycle with the required appropriate administration and generated reports
 Effective departmental resource planning, scheduling and management to achieve the purpose objectives
 Supporting role administration and reporting
 Effective and positive Client Relationship Management
 Effective and internal stakeholder management and co-ordination
 Manage targets and budget when the department becomes a revenue generating department and placements are taken to market
 Implement, administer and manage all learner industrial relation interventions as and when required
 Source and manage Host sites
 Conduct site visits

Job Type: 


Company Name: 

KVR Training and Business Solutions

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