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Registered Nurse (Boksburg)


We are part of Trans-50, a national organisation providing innovative solutions to the care of the aged. We are looking for a registered nurse who values person-centred care at our Retirement Village in Boksburg, to take responsibility, for the physical assessments and the design of nursing care plans in terms of nursing needs as well as making nursing diagnoses and, within legal constraints, treatment of illnesses. A basic requirement of the position is competence in the handling and the management of medication of residents. Proof of registration with the South African Nursing Council should also be provided.

Job Requirements: 

Must have experience in gerontology/geriatrics and the ageing process; nursing care plans; writing progress reports; nursing assessments of the aged including the physically and/or mentally frail. Must be competent in the following:- nursing assessments and the design of nursing care plans to enable the coordination of activities of daily living in terms of medical needs; scheduling activities and resources and delivering services to residents; diagnosis and (within legal constraints) treatment of illnesses; medication management and control. The incumbent must be flexible in the provision of care to the older adult including home care services, clinical support, medication management, liaising with multidisciplinary team members and effective communication with family. Computer literacy is essential as all nursing care is recorded on an electronic system.
Must be positive and proactive in caring for the aged and dedicated and committed to identifying needs and providing nursing care. The incumbent will need to be observant, enthusiastic, flexible, innovative and will also need to be patient and empathetic and understand client limitations.

Job Type: 


Company Name: 

Trans-50 Witfield Park

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