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Senior Database Administrator


We need a hard-core DBA to join this team. An expert who enjoys challenges, likes puzzles, and is solution focussed. If you have been in a DBA specific role for 6+years and an expert in your field these intricate databases could be the challenge you need.

Non Negotiable
A minimum of 6 years experience in a DBA specific role
Must be willing to relocate to the Garden Route at their own expense

Job description

This will be a candidate that is skilled in programming, software engineering, data architecture and data management. The candidate will be analysing and meeting the organisation's need for the management, input and security of data, and developing and identifying the tools that will support these needs. The candidate will oversee the optimization of SQL queries, database structure, backups, and audits, to ensure that the database performs at optimum and remains accessible, secure, and stable.


Managing the development, health and performance of SQL databases
Configure servers and processes to improve reliability and cut down on development times
Uphold and enforce database standards for developers when it comes to structure, naming convention, best practice, including guidance on complex queries and processes
Mentoring, training and knowledge sharing
Conduct database troubleshooting and maintenance
Using the requirements specification, design and structure the data and work closely with the developers to ensure the system meets these requirements
Continually find ways to better handle data and increase system efficiency, aka optimizing queries, changing data structures and automating tasks
Develop improved methodologies and institute best practices around database security and access
Support release deployment activities
Are you ready to make a major change in your life?

Big town salaries & tech – small-town vibe & values with a mix of big town entertainment & country living. The Garden Route offers it all. If you are ready to semi-grate, we have an opportunity for you to be part of an inclusive, fun, and high performing organisation based in George.

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Studio 29

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