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Senior Planning Engineer - Mining

Senior Planning Engineer - Mining

Mahd adh Dhahab-Saudi Arabia

Two year contract-renewable

SAR20,000 – SAR 30,000, $5000-$8000 plus benefits

Type of Business:

Job Requirements: 

Minimum Requirements:
a. B.Sc. in Mine Engineering.
b. 3 years' experience in mine design/survey operations.
c. Very good written and spoken English.
d. Specialised knowledge in the use of AUTOCAD and SURPAC plus use of various spreadsheet software
d. South African Citizens only

Duties and responsibilities
Carries out a number of activities to assist with mine planning and the design of mine layout. Carries out short-term mine planning and scheduling activities and cost analysis. Utilises AutoCad and SURPAC software to prepare mine designs/layout.

1. Work Performed:
a. Carries out all short term design activities for the mine. Designs stops, ramps and raises based on Long Term Mine Plan (1 and 5 year). Discusses with Geologist and Chief Mine Engineer plan intent and previous activities before submitting preliminary designs for discussion, revision and agreement. Provides ongoing advice and comment to miners in relation to Mine Plans.

a. Carries out detailed cost analysis for all mining and development activities including identifying and costing total tonnages and detailing variance requirements. Carries out ongoing variance analysis to match plans and achievements providing and discussing cost analysis reports at all levels within the Mine organisation.

b. Designs underground ventilation requirements. Assesses and records mine ventilation records, takes measurements and discusses requirements. Presents plans to Chief Engineer and discusses with Mine Captain to ensure requirements can be met and meet needs. Monitors ongoing underground ventilation, analysing mine reports and following up to update data base.
c. Prepares internal "raise" designs for ladders, bulk heads etc. Reviews and discusses designs and makes appropriate modifications. Issues approved designs.

d. Develops appropriate standards to govern ground control practices, for example the use of rack belts and size bolts.

e. Analyses and maintains an accurate data-base of information on gold deposits and grade influence. Reviews and discusses Geological Report and designs stops with the flexibility required for change.

2. Work Performed: (Continued)

a. Prepares required spreadsheets with mine data/statistics and cost information using the SURPAC design and evaluation software.

b. Prepares a variety of monthly reports on mine activities and milestones, providing a summary of projects, completion and work in progress.

c. Carries out various special projects at the mine including making blasting procedure analysts, writing cycletive reports, detailing drill head usage and analysing new vehicles and impacts.

3. Work Contacts:
Frequent contacts with the mine at the level of Mine Captain and with geological staff at a senior level to carry out regular design work, to obtain and discuss information and to carry out surveys.

4. Independence of Operation:
Will determine work according to technical and professional policies and standards, balancing the demands for regular analysis and reporting of mine activities and achievements with the requirements for special projects and surveys. Work is professionally in nature involving the presentation of advantages and disadvantages of differing actions proposed. Will refer upwards design problems for discussion, review and decision. Work is subject to regular review.

5. Physical Effort:
Will spend 20% of the time underground walking and standing.

6. Work Environment:
20% of the time is spent underground exposed to the normal mine conditions of dirt, fumes and noise.

South-African citizens only

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