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Server Customer Engineer


It is the Server Engineer’s job to manage, repair and analyse TCM's servers, making sure everything is up and running. A server engineer must also assist the company’s service delivery team to run a smooth and efficient service that meets the highest expectation and needs of both the company and all business partners.

Daily Duties
 Ability to repair and work on Printers, desktops, Servers, and mobile computing.
 Run routine security and vulnerability scans.
 Assemble and install physical equipment as needed.
 Strive for Fix First time Policy to avoid call backs.
 Maintain SLA's, escalate when not able to resolve issue or meet SLA.
 Maintain accurate records on the company systems.
 Return spares or relevant equipment promptly.
 Maintaining any equipment including tablets and tool bag at highest levels.
 Always maintain General professionalism and positive attitude.
 Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Job Requirements: 

Required Skills
 3 to 5 years server experience
 Good diagnostic skills
 Excellent Technical Skills
 MS Office
 Experience in upgrading, implementing enhancements & managing enterprise system technologies
 Experience in installation & fixing issues
 Experience with AS400 systems (beneficial)
 Server maintenance skills
 Computer literate in relevant operating system
Other Requirements
 Reliability
 Flexibility to work overtime.
 Attention to detail.
 Good diagnostic skills.
 Must have people skills.
 Must have own reliable transport.
 Matric/ Grade 12
 A+, N+, MCSE equivalent or Higher
 Certification Requirement in DELL, HPe, Lenovo, Cisco & VMWare
Personal Qualities/Attributes
 Professionalism when interacting with clients.
 Punctuality on appointments and accurate timeous feedback to clients
 Honesty in updates on calls
 Self-motivated and ability to work independently within parameters.
 Must have integrity and strong work ethics.
 Ability to perform under pressure and meet deadlines.
 Excellent Interpersonal Skills
 Ability to develop strong relationships within the company and with clients.
 Willingness to work overtime and over weekends when required.
 Attention to detail and concern for excellence.
 Must be well organised, reliable, and responsible.
 Good time management skills and ability to multitask.
 Strong logic thinking and problem-solving capabilities.
 Ability to communicate effectively.
 Must have people skills.

Other Qualifications
 IT Systems Support
 CCNA, LINUX, Microsoft products
 IT related qualifications/certifications

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Company Name: 

Evolve Arc

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