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SHEQ Training & Development Practitioner


Job Purpose: Facilitate, Assess & Moderate Safety, Health and Environment Training and Development requirements.Adhere to all Safety, Health and Environment Education, Training and Development best Practices.

Job Requirements: 

Application Requirements:


National Senior Certificate or Equivalent
Facilitator, Assessor & Moderator
SHEQ Management Diploma
ISO 45001

Industry Experience

Minimum 3 Years’ Experience

Skills & Competencies

• Plan and Prepare for Training sessions by Organising Learning Resources and ensuring that all the equipment is functional.
• Facilitate training material at the appropriate level in relation to audience's existing skills, knowledge and taking into account any potential Learning barriers presented by language, cultural, socio-
economic and other factors by using the most appropriate training methods.
• Facilitate training in accordance with ETQA/Organisational requirements and Quality Management Systems.
• Moderate and assess learners in accordance with the ETQA code of conduct
• Provide confidential assessment feedback to learners in accordance with the ETQA Quality Management System requirements.
• Complete all Portfolios of Evidence in accordance with the relevant assessment guides and Quality Management System work instructions, and
• Evaluate Assessments in line with Compliance Requirements.
• Proficiency in using Learning Technologies & Systems.
• Establish the profile, special needs and barriers to learning of learners within the specified requirements of the training programme
• Engage in continuous self-development activities such as Webinars, or other relevant training initiatives.
• Ensure personal responsibility for assessor/moderator registrations with all relevant ETQA’s are Current and Valid, and ensure Training Manager receives Records on time.
• Deliver training, Evaluate and report on a learning intervention in the workplace.
• Gather evidence and make assessment decisions using given assessment tools
• Conduct Training Needs Analysis
• Report & Consolidate on Learning Outcomes

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