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Storefront & Customer Engagement Coordinator

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Gourmet Grubb is the world’s first producer and seller of a dairy alternative made from insects. We have spent the last year in R&D mode, refining and perfecting our core product and using ice cream to introduce it to the world -- and now we are ready to enter the real world with a storefront that is unique and revolutionary:

The Insect Experience

South Africa’s first insect-based Concept Store will offer customers the opportunity to experience insects in a way that they have not seen before. This next step in our journey is key to capturing the local and international market’s attention, expanding our product range, partnering with other insect-based food producers and bringing a whole new perspective to insects as a food source. This role will be key in helping Gourmet Grubb achieve a specific kind of market traction, while offering you the chance to refine your startup skills in a hybrid operational and customer-facing role.

Your Role:

Join the core team:
You will be working directly with the core team, sitting in on meetings and immersing yourself in several aspects of the business on a day-to-day basis.
You will take initiative in managing the day-to-day activities of the store, working closely with the Head of Operations for guidance.
You will take initiative in sales and gathering customer feedback, working closely with the Head of Product Development and Head of Business Strategy for guidance.

You will be responsible for coordinating the day-to-day operations of the storefront, including opening and closing the store inventory management, maintaining an organized and presentable storefront, and managing cash flow.

Sales & Marketing:
You will be responsible for engaging with potential customers and determining their level of interest, as well as the underlying reasons, in insects as a food source.
You will sell the products and the idea behind Concept Store to customers in a conversational and explanatory manner, while serving customers with enthusiasm.

Customer Feedback:
During your interactions with customers you will be expected to gather verbal, non-verbal and digital feedback about the products, the Concept Store and the overall Insect Experience, and report customer & business feedback to the core team.
You will work closely with the core team and use the customer feedback to help inform product development and customer development, including customer engagement strategies, customer segments, marketing and messaging.
You will be expected to take the lead and develop new customer engagement and sales strategies, based on feedback from prior customer engagements.

Job Requirements: 

The Ideal Candidate:

General capabilities:
Degree/Diploma in marketing, business, hospitality or equivalent work experience.
1+ years of work experience, ideally in a small company or startup environment.
Experience in a sales, marketing, business development or customer-facing role.
Knowledge of the food and beverage space or willingness to learn.
A self-starter with the ability to learn quickly and independently, without constant need for supervision.

Technical Capabilities:
Ability to use basic Google Drive tools such as Google Forms, Google Slides, Google Sheets and other basic business software platforms to create surveys, marketing collateral, and informative sheets.
Ability to use Point of Sales software packages (Yoco) and inventory management software packages (TBD).
Ability to develop basic marketing materials or willingness to learn.

Bonus Points:
Approachability and exceptional ability to connect with people from all walks of life.
Ability to create insightful customer surveys, both verbally and digitally to gather product and customer feedback in an approachable manner.
Ability to think critically and on your feet, allowing you to have difficult conversations about products and ingredients that are at times controversial for consumers (spoiler alert: insects).


When it comes to the customer:
At Gourmet Grubb we deal with people from all walks of life and customer feedback that ranges from ecstatic to hesitant to astonished. We treat all potential customers with respect and understanding, and manage conversations through sound reasoning, all while staying true to our mission and vision which is rooted in logic and science.

When it comes to the business:
Within the business we balance creativity with scientific thinking, focusing on both the scientific facts and the customer perception. We take pride in the balance between conceptual and analytical thinking, while being a solution-focused organization. We are a proactive and continuously improving organization where innovation thrives.

Your personal opportunity:

In this role you will have an opportunity to learn what it takes to make a startup work from the ground level. You will directly and indirectly help to shape an entirely new commercial insect-based food market in South Africa, while getting a broad spectrum of experience in operations, marketing, sales, and customer development. Joining at an early stage will provide the opportunity to both explore a variety of roles within the organization while also offering a chance to move into a more specialized role as the organization grows. This will provide an exceptional platform for you to catapult your career in the direction of strategic marketing, retail operations, business development, and customer success / experience.

Job Type: 


Company Name: 

Gourmet Grubb

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