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Technical SEO Intern


Was there a time in between classes or assignments or even when you were lying in bed where you started to daydream about a life of independence and kicking ass in the digital industry?

Here’s the thing, the unemployment rate has recently climbed to 29.1% and it’s all scary and sad. So, we’re trying to do our part by making sure that dreams like yours become a reality. We’re on the hunt for a technical SEO intern to join our multi-award winning Search team for some of SA’s largest brands.

If you’re hungry to learn and have a little obsession with finding creative solutions to technical problems, we’re going to love working with you. But you’ll also need to be a self-starter, take initiative, super reliable, have the ability to use logic to identify strengths, weaknesses, and solutions.

If you’ve recently left university or one of the leading marketing colleges with a Bachelor’s degree or program in English or communications, and you’ve been intrigued by Google’s ability to influence buying decisions, then come and learn how it really works at one of the country’s leading SEO agencies.

We work with our own internal tools and external ones such as Analytics and AdWords, and it would be great if you already have certifications for these. But this is not a deal-breaker, we’ll assist you through the entire process so you don’t feel overwhelmed by it.

Having prior experience with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, Drupal and WordPress work in your favour, but if you haven’t, we’ll walk you through it because more than anything we need a person who is coachable with a willingness to learn and committed to excellence.

If this is exactly the kind of opportunity you’re looking tell us why you’re the right candidate for the job.

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