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Technical Team Lead - Developer - Durban

Assumes main responsibility for executing the technical architecture vision, and steering technical work within a development team in that direction over time. The technical lead should provide solutions to technical issues and act to enable the development team to be as efficient as possible. They should also ensure that appropriate technical standards and principles are not only communicated throughout their team but furthermore, that they are actively enforced.
Role Outcomes
• Identify, understand and plan for technical impacts of planned systems, and ensure that new technical specifications are properly integrated with existing processes and skill sets within the development team.
• Interact with Company employees and/or customers to learn and document technical specifications.
• Ensure quality technical design standards are defined and/or updated for use in application system design and development.
• Complete the build of a system collaboratively with the development team or individually.
• Ensure the application system or features developed by the team are produced to the highest possible technical quality in the required timeframes.
• Ensure the development team has delivered the application system or features in accordance with the technical architectural vision and the development team have applied relevant technical quality standards.
• Complete technical implementation of the application system or features with the development team or individually.
• Enable developers to improve their technical skills
• Ensure the software that the development team is responsible for, is technically healthy and that its health is visible to the team and the wider development team to enable focus on improving technical health of software products.
• Act as example to all the developers on the team by advocating technical learning.
• To understand and articulate technical principles and technical quality for a development team
Role Responsibilities

• Defines and maintains the technical design processes within the development methodology/framework being utilized
• Ensures solutions meet the quality technical assurance standards in accordance to product requirements.
• Identifies technical design skill sets and relevant training to improve technical design and technical development capability within the development teams.
• Analyses, designs and produces technical system specifications or technical user stories to modify existing systems and develop new systems, based on the work in progress list of priorities.
• Reviews technical designs completed by the development team in line with design and development processes and quality standards and to ensure the technical design meets the functional requirements or user stories of the application.
• Investigates change requests for technical implications thoroughly when received from customers.
• If required prepares and presents proposal quotations for technical delivery against the architectural vision.
• Liaises directly with Architects and Product managers when preparing quotes to ensure all technical factors have been taken into account.
• Works closely with developers to ensure technical compatibility and quality.
• Plans and manages workload in a flexible manner to meet deadlines as per agreed project plan.
• Communicates the technical requirements to the development team in a clear and understandable manner.
• Provide technical support and guidance to developers and project manager to ensure that the necessary action plans/ solutions are implemented.
• Builds the designed application system with the development team.
• Develops collaboratively with the test analysts unit test plans and/or system/user test plans for the technical needs of the projects.
• If required Conducts user acceptance testing against system technical specifications.
• Conducts quality assurance within the development team to ensure adherence to technical quality standards and quality of technical design.
Role KPI’s
• Percentage of technical solutions/services delivered
• Percentage of improvement in efficiencies to deliver optimally technically designed application systems and features
• Percentage improvement in technical skills within the development team
• Percentage improvement in reduced technical rework
• Percentage improvement in meeting technical delivery deadlines
Role Characteristics
• Strong interpersonal skills and abilities
• Proficient relationship building skills
• Ability to deliver in terms of Key Performance Indicators
• Extensive knowledge of the IT environment
• Proficient technical understanding of IT applications
• Analytical thinking, able to identify trends, risks, and resolutions
• Proficient technical design capability
• Proficient ability to anticipate technical issues and formulate remedial actions
• Good understanding of the architectural vision and ability to design a solution in line with the vision
• Good understanding of architectural, framework and language patterns
• Good understanding of IT trends
• Quality Orientated
• Proficient in analyzing cause and effect relationships
• Sound theoretical and practical understanding of Application and technical Development and design principles in line with an architectural vision.
• Proficient estimation skillsets for technical delivery
• Solid understanding of the organization’s objectives
• Internally able to generate the respect, motivation and ability to lead development teams with respect to technical principles and technical quality
• Proficient in planning and organizing
• Effective time management
Significance of Job in the Organization
• Delivery of quality technical systems for the organization and its customers.
Education & Qualification
• Relevant degree/diploma would be a recommendation
Relevant Experience
• A minimum of eight (8) years development experience in IT software development industry, with Microsoft, JAVA, Oracle and BI tools
• Technical Design experience in the development role
• Understanding of system functionality at enterprise system level.
• Specialist knowledge of technical quality standards and technical delivery.
• Proven experience in providing technical solutions that align to the architectural vision.
• Proven experience in working within a development team and improving developers technical skillset
• Manufacturing and financial ERP systems experience will be an advantage.
Relevant Experience
Knowledge of one or more of following Technologies
• ASP.Net
• C#
• Oracle DB
• Oracle ADF
• Jasper Reporting
• Application Server
• Weblog Server
• Linux
• Windows
• Oracle Forms and reports
• Oracle Discoverer
• Qlikview / Cognos/ OBIEE/
• Thorough knowledge of technical design principles and technical quality standards used for the development of new systems, and enhancements to existing application systems.
• An investigative mind and a confident, energetic personality
• Problem resolution skills
• Analytical thinking
• Cause and effect analysis
• Quality Orientated
• The ability to work under pressure
• Take ownership and develop preventative measures to technical challenges
• Must be detail oriented
• Ability to interact with The Company’s technical team members and help formulate solutions
• Proven Team and project delivery experience within high pressure timed constrained projects
• Thorough knowledge of employee policy and procedures.
• Ability to gather and analyze facts draws conclusions, define problems, and suggest solutions.
• Ability to communicate effectively.
• Contribution to team success

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