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Trainer of Trainees Application


Position title : ToT- Trainer of Trainees
Organization : Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative
Duty station : Cape Flats, South Africa
Deadline for application: 24 June 2019
Shortlisted Candidates Contacted: 25 June 2019
Interview : 27-28 June 2019
Report to work : As soon as possible

The Youth Peacemaker Network (YPN) is a peace-building initiative designed by The Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative (WPDI) in partnership with UNESCO, Ericsson and the Postcode Swedish Foundation. Its main objective is to help restore peace, stability and resilience in fragile communities impacted by conflict in its various forms by training and interconnecting youths so that they practice and disseminate in their environments values, attitudes and behaviors of peace conducive to non-violence, reconciliation, mediation, and conflict resolution.

The launching of the YPN project to be rolled-out on the Cape Flats in South Africa, starting with the selection of 40 youth, split into 14 MURP targeted areas of Cape Town followed by a “Training of Trainers” (TOT) at WPDI Field Office in the Cape Flats area. After thorough training that will be given to them for up to 1 year, the TOT youth will be expected to train additional youth on peace-building, project formulation, management and implement and many other items within the WPDI training curriculum in their respective Municipal Wards. WPDI will then provide technical support and small loans to the youth to execute peace-building and conflict management projects within their respective communities. These WARD projects are expected to incorporate issues in the various communities and they will be evaluated based on their strength and performance to qualify for further support or upgrade.

To achieve those objectives, the TOT will receive a series of trainings to strengthen their knowledge and skills in:
 Peace-building
 Conflict Management including Mediation
 Business and entrepreneurship skills
 Life skills
 Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

These trainings will also strengthen their ability to consult with one another and be responsive to their community needs and challenges. Participating YPN youth will have the opportunity to participate in an inter-sub region exchange program that WPDI will develop and through the NING platform to share their experience, ideas, knowledge and challenges with fellow youth across the WPDI projects in different parts of the world. WPDI expects that through trainings, technical assistance, small grant funding, the YPN youth will improve their capacity for service delivery to their communities to realize peace dividend and improve life of co-existence devoid of conflict.

TOT Youth in this program will be eligible to certificates in all the areas of their training and will receive support from WPDI’s local and international staff as well as other civil society organizations.

Job Requirements: 


The TOT group will encompass 40 youth leaders from Cape Flats areas identified and selected on the basis of their motivation to be pioneers and trainers in peace-building and agents of positive change within their communities. Youth will be chosen from diverse educational, economic, religious, geographical and personal backgrounds. The network will be inclusive of disabled youth. To ensure an equitable gender balance, strong preference will be given to youth who can join the network in pair (1 male and 1 female) from their respective communities. The target age range for participants is between the ages of 18-35, notwithstanding case by base exceptions. Selected youth should be chiefly those willing to make a career in Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Peace-building. Their work with WPDI as trainers at the Ward and City levels is thus envisaged as a vocational training.
To be eligible as a TOT participant in the network, the selected youth should demonstrate all or part of the following:
1. Experience in a leadership function as Peace-builder or Community Developer
2. Availability to deliver training sessions, support and guidance to Cape Flats youth during the course of the 2-year program on topics related to peace-building, project formulation and management which includes implementing program concepts within communities
3. Availability and commitment to receive at least 4 trainings in peace-building, conflict resolution, ICTs and life/wellness coaching per year
4. Availability to invest 15-20 hours per month on educational training sessions
5. Availability and commitment to provide at least 4 trainings per year to Cape Flats youth in peace-building, conflict resolution, project formulation and management
6. Motivation and dedication to act as mediators within communities
7. Experience in supporting community-based groups
8. Interest in conflict resolution and peace-building practices, and willingness to expand beyond one’s comfort zone
9. Capacity to understand and write in English
10. Commitment to creating positive change, and willingness to routinely contribute innovative ideas to engage and revitalize communities
11. Basic ICT skills

To be considered for this exciting opportunity, please contact us via email or WhatsApp to receive an application form , applications close 24 June 2019 to Elsa Pienaar, Assistant Program Coordinator of the Youth Peacemaker Network, South Africa via email: email or via Whatsapp. Should you be unable to submit via email or Whatsapp please provide completed application to your nearest contactable community leader. Please note that only completed applications will be considered. We look forward to reviewing your application!

Should you not hear from us within 7 working days kindly consider your application unsuccessful.

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The Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative

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