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Tyre Retail Chain Manager (Abu Dhabi)

Our leading Client's Business Partner is looking for a Retail Manager for their Tyre Retail Chain. To be based in Abu Dhabi. Permanent Position, relocation required.


MUST have Tyre Retail experience of min 5 -10 years +

- Position reports to the Top Management
- Spear heads - Sales of Tires, Batteries Lubes, Accessories and Wheel Related Services
- Provide overall direction to achieve the Vision and Mission of the group.
- Manages and responsible for the Family and Equity Retail Chain of the Group

Responsible for

Sales Management:
- Overall direction and management of Retail Sales
- Achieve the Business plan for the Retail Chain.
- Plan and implements aggressive strategies
- Achieve desired sales and ensure market share without losing focus on profitability.
- Ensure consistent growth in Top Line and Bottom line of the Business operation.
- Explore avenues for growth

Inventory Management:
- Hands on experience on Inventory management.
- Study the profitability in the product mix and ensure the optimum inventory levels for profit generating tire sizes.
- Reviews the Inventory turnover ratio and Days Inventory Outstanding of the product category and takes appropriate steps to achieve desired results.
- Ensure Stock audits are conducted with reference to DOT on tires and reduce losses due to expiration inventory are reduced year on year.
- Manages the order processing for the retail chain and achieve the Business plan of Principals

Product Management:
- Reviewing the length and depth of product category and identify product category that need to be listed, delisted and relisted.
- Identify the top 50 SKU and apply 80:20 principles to understand the right product mix in various product groups in the product portfolio.
- Ensuring all retail outlets sell out good volumes of profitable tires sizes in High Performance and Ultra High-Performance Category
- Identify niche products that can be added into the product portfolio to add on to the customer experience at the retail outlet.
- Strikes a right product mix of products Tires, Batteries, Car Accessories, Lubricants and automotive services.
- Responsible for the Procurement Process and ensuring achievement of Business plans and budgets suggested by Principals

Price Management
- Keep a track on the market trends and manages prices for the product category
- Strengthen product gross margins
- Implements mark down policy at the appropriate time to ensure stock liquidation

Product Promotion
- Implementing innovative promotional campaigns
- Run Innovative Product promotions programs every quarter
- Close interaction with Public relations department for necessary documentation for promotion.

Outlet Management
- Managing Retail outlet operations in terms of capacity utilization and man power utilization
- Increase Operational efficiency by realign work flow for better utilization of manpower assets and increase operational efficiency of the service bays and increase service revenue.
- Analyze customer footfalls and ensure customer satisfaction and customer delight programs are implemented.
- Time to time overhaul and improve the operating process and systems with the changing customer preferences and demands.

Customer Management
- Ensure the guidelines on Customer Journey at the stores are implemented thereby making tire shopping a customer delight.
- Manage and resolve Customer complaints on products and services issues.
- Handle issues that arise from Consumer Protection Department
- Inculcate within the outlet and workshop team a culture of customer centric and enhance customer satisfaction and customer delight programs.

Personnel Management
- Nurture a positive working environment
- Oversee and manage a performance appraisal system that drives high performance.
- Motivate the sales and service team to achieve the Business Plan of the Retail Chain.
- Encourage the teams with innovative incentive programs.
- Identify training needs for the sales and service team.
- Coordinate in house training programs and product training programs with Agencies and Principals respectively.
- Manage the recruitment and selection process of sales and service team

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