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X 3 Primary Maths Trainers (Siyabuswa, East London & Potchefstroom)

Key Results Areas:
1. Support and development of Mathematics teachers
1.1 Conduct teacher development workshops and class visits on a regular basis
1.2 Re-orient teachers towards new goals, values, teaching models and methodologies to help cope with the demands of the new curricular and assessment requirements;
1.3 support teachers with content related issues within the context of National curriculum
1.4 Support teachers to enhance their planning, implementation and evaluation skills;
1.5 Support teachers to develop holistic in-service training programmes in their schools, based on a needs assessment of the teachers through the Base Line Assessment;
1.6 Develop efficiency in the use of learning and support materials

2. Enhance Learner performance in Maths & Science
2.1 Conduct Learners development workshops and class visits on a regular basis
2.2 Conduct afternoon clinics for learners

3. Project Coordination
3.1 Plan training activities as per contracts from Funders or the Dept. of Education
3.2 Design, conduct and analyze a Base Line Assessment;
3.3 Developing workshop and training manual
3.4 Design, conduct and analyze evaluations for all workshops, classroom visits and training
3.5 Conduct Pre and post-tests as well as summative assessment
3.6 Conduct Teachers diagnostics & plan workshops based on diagnostic outcome
3.7 Track Teacher and Learner progression

4. Collection and interpret data for reporting purposes
4.1 Compiling a data base of all schools, geographical location and staff profiles;
4.2 Compiling a data base of all teachers and learners in the project
4.3 Submit end of term reports and quantitative data

5. Liaise with stakeholders to ensure maximum participation
5.1 Build capacity within and between the Dept of Education, schools and community
5.2 Create academic environment of excellence;
5.3 Develop a broad base of participation and networking;
5.4 Participate in any promotional, developmental and marketing functions of Maths Centre.
5.5 Develop and Maintain working relationship with all stakeholders to enable co-operation, collaboration & efficient flow of Communication

Job Requirements: 

Qualification & Experience
• M+ 3 qualification in Mathematics or equivalent qualification
• 3-5 years’ experience teaching Mathematics at Grade 4 – 7,
• Computer literacy ( Ms Office package)
• Language requirements; English & African language
• SACE registration
• Valid driver’s license
• Own car with comprehensive insurance
• Extensive travelling

Job Type: 


Company Name: 

Maths Centre Incorporating Sciences

Company Location: 

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