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Are you interested in a job in education? Maybe you want to find a vacancy for a position as a teacher or an educator, or are looking for a job as a moderator or assessor. Let this page be your go-to place for all education job vacancies.

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Registered assessors and moderatos for the below Agriseta qualifications

We are urgently looking for registered Agriseta assessors and moderators for the below qualification:
1. NC: Agricultural management nqf level 5;
2. Agricultural mobile plant operator;
3. FETC: Electric mechanics in manufacturing and engineering;
4. NC: Finance & accounting in Public.

It is mainly for the purpose of accreditation.

7 Survival Skills Graduates Need For Their Future

Educators need to re-frame the problem to understand the context of the global education crisis.

In his book, The Global Achievement Gap (GAP), Dr Tony Wagner has found a skills gap between what schools teach and the essential skills graduates need.

Wagner is an education expert and Co-Director of Harvard’s Change Leadership Group. His book is a modern manifesto on how to re-invent the global education system.

He has discovered three challenging trends education systems have to face:

1. A transition from an industrial-based to a knowledge-based economy;

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The Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA) seeks the services of a Teaching and Learning Co-ordinator. The Teaching and Learning co-ordinator will be required to assist in and co-ordinate projects towards the development of teaching and learning within the faculty in conjunction with the Teaching and Learning Manager and Academic Director.

Regional Coordinator: Limpopo

The Student Hub is a smart education company that has created a learner-centric education system where every learner is equipped to discover and achieve his/her life purpose. We are looking for Regional Coordinators who will manage the relationship between The Student Hub and our partner Colleges in different regions of the country.



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