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Food And Beverage Manager: Role and Responsibilities

We have researched and identified a few of the roles and responsibilities of a food and beverage manager.

Have you ever heard of a food and beverage manager? If your answer is no then let us tell you when you go to a restaurant and order a toasted cheese and tomato sandwhich, the person who ordered the bread, butter, cheese, tomato, salt and pepper to make up your delicious sandwhich is the food and beverage manager. 

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Top Tips to Avoid Job Scams

job scams, employment cons, fraud, thief, security

Job scams are increasingly becoming more common due to our high unemployment rate.

There are many desperate job seekers hunting for work. These naive people often fall prey to false promises made by sneaky scammers.

It is so hard these days to tell whether a particular person, job or company is legitimate.

Prospective job seekers must therefore apply caution when applying for vacancies advertised on free online classifieds.

Don't be so easily fooled. If in doubt trust your common sense and intuition.

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