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Human Resources(HR)

Do you dream of a job in Human Resources (HR)? Looking for a vacancy as an HR officer, recruitment officer or any other HR job? You've come to the right place!

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HR Intern

We believe we are an awesome company to work for. One of the things that makes a company as awesome as ours is the people who work here. We invest a lot of time into choosing the right people for the job and are looking for an HR Intern or Team Experience Intern as we call it, who has a passion for placing the right people in the right roles and making sure they love coming to work.

Director of People and Culture

Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action. Greenpeace Africa is a growing movement of people acting for the protection of the environment. Our campaigns use peaceful, creative confrontation to expose environmental injustices around the world and develop solutions for a green and peaceful future.

Training and Development Sales Consultant

Sobethu Consulting is a Human Capital Consulting boutique with more than 10 years in the industry, specialising in the provision of Learning and Development Solutions, and Human Capital Consulting Management. SOBETHU Consulting is looking to recruit Sales Consultants to penetrates new markets and drive sales activities in the area of Training and Development.

Questions you should never ask in an interview

Asking questions in an interview can be a positive sign to future employers, however the wrong questions could ruin your chances of landing the job.

So how do you know if your questions are inappropriate?

In the video 'NEVER Ask These Questions in a Job Interview' career coach Don Georgevich helps job seekers understand what to say and, more importantly, what not to say in their next interview.

Avoid ME-type questions

The general rule of thumb is to stay away from me-type questions.

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