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Skills Development

If a job in skills development sounds right for you, the following list of vacancies should interest you.

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Amandlolwazi Training Centre is looking for Durban based Freelance Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators registered with Services Seta, for the following unit standards:
23833 – National Certificate: Business Administration Services
36233- National Certificate: Specialist Hygiene and Cleaning Services
20175- National Certificate: Hygiene and Cleaning Supervision

Freelance Facilitators,Assessors and Moderators

Amandlolwazi Training Centre is looking for Freelance ETDP Seta registered Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators based in Durban for the following unit standards
117871 Facilitate Learning Using a Variety of Given Methodologies
115753 –Conduct Outcomes Based Assessment
115759 – Conduct Moderation of Outcomes Based Assessment

Skills To Learn During Lockdown

There are millions of people that are stuck in their homes now with very little to do. Honestly, this could get quite frustrating. Being locked in a house by yourself doing nothing for a week is long enough, but when that week turns to two weeks, three weeks, four weeks, things can start to get very problematic. There are gonna be a lot of people in the position of who am I and what have I become?

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