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Skills Development

If a job in skills development sounds right for you, the following list of vacancies should interest you.

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Assessor registered with the MQA seta required on a pro-rata basis to do:-

1. Operator training on mining and construction machinery.
2. Health and safety
3. Hirarc
4. First Aid
5. Fire Fighting

Lots of travelling. Own transport.

Junior Team Leaders

4 Team Leaders Wanted at expanding Marketing Management Corp.

Duties include marketing , sales , management and team dynamics & team leading.

Senior Certificate is the minimal academic requirement. You will need to have gained experience in the above fields.

Forward your CV to apply. We are hiring now.

Skills Development Facilitator

Reporting to the National HR Manager, the Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) will lead the analyses of the skills requirements within Kheth’Impilo AIDS Free Living, co-ordination of training and development of employees, as well as monitoring and reporting on the implementation of the Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report.

Human Resources Manager

• Develop and implement Human Resources Department’s Strategy, Annual Performance and Operational Plans.
• Produce implementation reports on monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
• Manage human and financial resources within the Department.
• Development and implementation of the Human Resources Strategy and Plan for the Organisation

SCM Officer

• Plan, organise and manage the PSETA procurement processes, which include:
o Bid and Bid Administration;
o Contract Management;
o Development and maintenance of the PSETA supplier database;
o Acquisition and logistics Management, including the generation of orders and timely payment for goods and services


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