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Good with your hands and want to apply those skills? Looking for a technical job as a maintenance officer, technician, electrician, etc.? Read on to find all the relevant vacancies.

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Technical Manager

A leading Company is looking to appoint a Technical Manager in the Facilities industry.
Mature individual with a solid work history with a Technical background in the Corporate or Retail sector would be the ideal Candidate for this position.
- Matric
- Tertiary Qualification an advantage
- Knowledge and experience with HVAC System

Maintenance Supervisor

African Realty Trust --outside Tzaneen on the Nkowankowa road is looking for a Maintenance Supervisor with the following knowledge:
*Responsible to oversee and ensure that preventative maintenance is done on all buildings, roads, factory, pumps and power lines to minimise the risk of unplanned breakdowns and breakages
*renovation of old buildings

Smartphone Job: Photo/Video Content Creator (short clips)

Earn money by taking pictures or filming short video clips (10-60 seconds) of everyday situations or objects for AI training purposes (recognition software). Filming topics are changing regularly, but here are some very common themes: film a room, your pet or people doing a specific action (clapping, waving, etc).


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