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Assessors for the following qualifications, National certicate mechanical engineering fitting SAQA 59669, National Certicate Mechatronics SAQA 67629, Manufacturing and assembly SAQA 71950, National certicate autotronics SAQA 78944, National Certificate Automotive Spray Painting SAQA 64410, National Certificate Automotive Body SAQA 64709


We looking for assessors and moderators registered with the FP&M SETA, on qualification 49091,49102 and 50584. Also INSETA qualification 66610 and 49929. TETA qualification 49067, 59300, 74149, 64829, 59365, 49067,50285 and 93793 We are in process of getting accreditation. We request their registration and a sign SLA on agree payment to use their documents for accreditation purposes.


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