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Looking for work in the training sector? This page has all the job vacancies for trainers, assessors, moderators and many more. If you want a job in training, you've come to the right place.

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Urgently needed Freelance facilitators/ Assessors/Moderators W&R Seta

We urgently need Freelance Facilitators/Assessors/Moderators from Johannesburg, Cape Town, PE and Durban for W&R Seta for the following Unit Standards:

242829 - Monitor the level of service to a range of customers
114903 - Interact with customers
258156 - Build customer relations in an operational unit

Temp L&D Coordinator

One of South Africa's leading furniture and appliance retailers has the following temp opportunity available for two L&D Coordinators. We are seeking suitable candidates who are immediately available with the necessary skills, capabilities and drive to join ourL&D team!

Job Description

Saica Training Officer

Research and design
Ability to identify and interpret new information and design learning initiatives which translate into improved individual and organisational performance

Evaluation of Learning
Ability to identify and measure the impact of an intervention on individual or organisational effectiveness


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