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National agents needed in every city or town.

Sales Executive Job Responsibilities:

Builds postal business by identifying and selling postal services; maintaining relationships with clients.

Sales Executive Job Duties:

Project Specialist

Project Specialists are needed for a Consulting Firm for different Provinces:Gauteng,Northern Cape,Mpumalanga.
Purpose of the Role
The incumbent will be expected to be the Project Specialist for the programme, responsible for project implementation.

Project Leader

Project Leaders are required for a Consulting Firm in different Provinces .Northern Cape-Mpumalanga-Gauteng
The incumbent will be expected to be the Project leader for the programme.

Part Advertising Opportunity

Are you a student, employed or simply looking for an opportunity to make an extra income?
Are you the type of person who:
• Likes to set your own working hours in day?
• Doesn't like having wait for the boss to decide when you should get promoted, but would like to determine your salary according to your efforts?


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