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Commercial Operations Manager


Key Accountabilities

·        Ensuring daily volume and quality targets are hit.

·        Defining commercial models – E.g. If you convert at X, will pay you Z. There are numerous calculations required to get to this point.

·        Working with account management team on client engagement & growth

·        Defining projections & forecasts for your allocated verticals

·        Allocating budgets for internal departments

·        Onboarding affiliates/ suppliers

·        Ensuring supply drives demand by driving more budget where we can deliver more.

·        Ensuring all contracts agreements are signed and stored.

·        Reviewing and improving marketing content

·        Ensuring campaigns go live seamlessly on specified dates.

·       Weekly commentating on volume, financial and quality reports



What is a Commercial Operations Manager?


A vertical refers to industries / categories that are responsible for monetary return in the business. An example of a vertical would be “car” insurance.  A Commercial operations manager is responsible for the growth of these vertical/s within the 3way marketing environment. The Commercial Operations Manager is not client facing but does deal with all stakeholders above on a daily basis and as such has to work in a fast-paced environment and learn quickly. This is a pivotal role in the organization and has a direct influence on the company’s overall performance.


The 3 key components of the Commercial operations manager job include:


•             VOLUME management – Manage the volumes between the client budget and the targets that the client wants to meet. EG: Hollard has a daily targets of 1500 leads. You need to achieve this target using internal and external suppliers (i.e.: sourcing)

•             CONVERSIONS – The conversion is a measure of quality and clients use this to determine the budget allocated to 3 Way Marketing. Higher conversions lead to more budget. Determining the balance between the cost per lead and the conversion potential will determine where leads are obtained. E.G: Hollard lead to sale conversions are sitting at 12%, if we are able to get it to 15%, they will double the order they placed with us.

•             PROFITABILITY – The aim is to reduce costs and increase earnings whilst driving growth








o             Profits above targets – this is one of the most important KPIs that the product owner will be measured on

o             Volumes are on track (10% variance)

o             Conversions have improved

o             Affiliates/suppliers provide positive feedback and relationships are optimised

o             Being able to drive the growth by taking control of the account

o             Risks have been mitigated against any potential threats and competitors





Job requirements: 



·        Bachelor’s degree: Preferred graduates include management consultants, engineers, chartered accountants.

·        Proven track record of delivering data driven solutions with a customer-first mindset.

·        Experience successfully driving end-to-end delivery of data and intelligence solutions, including a wide variety of mechanisms, e.g. dashboards, APIs, real time alerts, etc.




·        Balance of technical knowledge and business acumen

·        Proactive, self-starter with excellent project management skills and ability to manage multiple tasks effectively.

·        Excellent communication skills with the ability to engage, influence, and inspire partners and stakeholders to drive collaboration and alignment.

·        High degree of organization, individual initiative, and personal accountability




·        Business smart. Able to think about problems from a business perspective. Self-directed, acting based on own initiative.

·        Entrepreneurial, thrives under change and accepts it is a constant and always looks for solutions to do something better and faster.

·        Thinks like an owner of the business.

·        Be curious, creative, courageous and a champion of the company and our products.

·        Have problem solving skills, logical thinking, and analytical abilities.

·       Act both tactically and strategically.


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