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Group Treasury Analyst


To provide support to the Group Treasury Executive and Group Treasury Controller of the Aspen Finance (Pty) Ltd ("AF") that assist them in discharging their responsibilities with respect to:

  • Non-treasury related activities, specific to AF’s operations and treasury-related operational and;
  • Treasury-related operational, monitoring and funding activities.


Non-treasury activities specific to AF 

Preparation or review of:

  • AF’s monthly trial balance (which is currently Excel-based, but is earmarked to transition to a SAP environment by 30 June 2020)
  • AF’s monthly VAT return
  • AF’s annual financial statements
  • AF’s periodic financial budgets/ forecasts
  • Notices with respect to debt funding facilities transactions
    • Processing or approving of:
  • New beneficiaries on AF’s online banking platforms
  • Payments on AF’s online banking platforms
  • Invoices which AF issues to its intragroup customers
  • Accounting for AF’s transactions

Operational treasury activities 

  • Execution or confirmation of treasury-type trades (i.e. FX, fixed income)
  • Processing or approving of settlements of treasury-type trades
  • First-line of review on third-party interest coupon advices
  • Review of the Group’s South African business’s monthly borrowing costs and related cash flows
  • Monitoring of the Group’s South African and European cash pools
  • Maintenance of the South African business’s loan asset book, and review of related monthly invoices
  • Preparation of hedge accounting models and journals
  • Serving as a super-user with respect to the Group’s treasury management system (“TMS”)
  • Processing of new facilities and transactions to the Group’s TMS
  • Preparation of applications to, and other correspondence with, the South African Reserve Bank

Monitoring treasury activities

  • Assisting the Group Treasury Controller with the preparation of periodic Group-level summaries (through the use of Excel-based reporting templates) of, inter alia, the following areas:
  • Foreign exchange rate risk
  • Interest rate risk
  • Liquidity risk
  • Counterparty risk
  • Cash optimization
  • Loan undertakings
  • With respect to Group Treasury Committee meetings (which occur c. 5 times per annum),
  • Assisting the Group Treasury Controller with the preparation of the meetings’ information packs

Funding activities 

  • Assist in the coordination of minor tasks necessary for the facilitation of new debt funding facility agreements, or amendments thereto

Other items 

  • Assist in the coordination of intragroup dividend and other capital flows
  • Assist in coordinating cash flows relating to capital transactions across the Group


  • Performance discussions are held to identify learning requirements
  • Training or solutions are provided for developmental needs
  • Provide ongoing assessment and feedback of development of self

Job requirements: 


  • CA (SA) or equivalent
  • Accounting articles experience (preferably with financial services or treasury-type multinational clients)


Excellent understanding of :

  • Financial accounting
  • Internal controls

Moderate understanding or skill level in:

  • Corporate-treasury concepts and related financial instruments (including hedging instruments, loan agreements and guarantees)
  • South African exchange control regulations
  • Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook skills with the ability to apply these tools to a range of different scenarios
  • South African company law and corporate processes
  • Well-organised and methodical approach to tasks
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Adherence to deadlines, and proactive management of stakeholder expectations in relation thereto

Ability to:

  • Simplify complex and unstructured problems
  • Work under pressure
  • Strong business acumen
  • Adaptable/ flexible
  • Approachable
  • Team player
  • High level of integrity
  • Innovative
  • Empathetic
  • Prudent
  • Efficient
  • Professional



  • Performance Driven: employees that has the ability to operate with a high level of energy, whilst remaining focused on the required outcomes. They have a ‘can do attitude’ and the courage to enter unknown territories
  • Accountability/Ownership: Employees readily accept responsibility, own decisions and achieve results despite adverse conditions. They deliver on commitments, usually on time and respectful of others time 


  • Dealing with ambiguity/Embrace change: Ability to comfortably initiate change and overcome obstacles operating with a high level of flexibility. Show resilience in the face of constraints, frustrations or adversity 


  • Continuously grow and develop: Staying competitive means continually increasing knowledge, skills and capabilities. Learn from mistakes and continually strive for excellence
  • Takes Action with Integrity: Aspen employees must internalise the principles of the Aspen Code of Conduct and demonstrate integrity, fairness, accountability, respect, transparency and sincerity

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