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Maintenance Specialist Instrumentation (Automation)

Maintenance Support:

•     Initiate task list reviews

•     Develop maintenance plans (frequencies, maintainable items)

•     Initiate plan review and review maintenance plans


Maintenance Data Analysis:

•     Perform Pareto analyses, correlation analyses and report top 5 chronic losses

•     Interview production personnel w.r.t. trips and artisans w.r.t. repetitive trips

•     Provide assistance w.r.t. problem solving on electrical and automation

•     Provide assistance w.r.t. energy metering

•     Provide assistance on DATA extraction on smart devices protection systems (Analysis, protection system, Drives, process analysis, etc.)

•     Analysis of plant control systems, control philosophy and program improvement

•     Provide process improvement solution

•     Preferred skills in understanding and designing PLC programs (Mitsubishi required) SCADA systems (Citect 7.0, Vijeo Citect) and networks (i.e. Ethernet, Device Net, Profibus-Profinet, Wireless )

•     Knowledge of electrical engineering theories and principles

•     Maintain document control of PLC software

•     Write, debug, and test PLC code at customer sites

•     Experience with computer-based drafting/design

•     Understand, interpret, and follow procedures, standards, and regulations. Familiar with international codes and standard (especially IEC, ISA, etc.)

•     Develop and implement control and automation solutions based upon cause and effect documentation, P&IDs, control narrative and an understanding of the environment.

•     Help in EBS improvements.

•     Ensure accuracy and reliability of instrumentation, control and safety systems.

•     Develop estimates of investment for the automation area.

•     Develop and finalize the technical specs and carry out the follow up with the supplier, according to the specifications issued.

•     Experienced in Instrument installation and commissioning


Solve problems and implement solutions:

•     Arrange RCFA investigation and facilitate the problem solving session

•     Analyse alternative solutions and recommend best solution/s based on:

o    HSEC impact

o    Cost – risk – benefit analysis on key equipment performance parameters

o    Cost benefit to the organisation

•     Recommend best solutions to problems through the change management process

•     Record actions arising from RCA

•     Monitor recurring failures related to implemented RCA's (KPI until close out)

•     Track Condition Monitoring (CM) results

•     Analyse equipment failure history

•     Log equipment problems identified for further action

•     Develop a list of clear problem statements and business cases for problems requiring RCA

•     Monitor and share Company-wide similarities / learning opportunities by using the Intranet Sites and SAP History

•     Monitor and advertise latest maintenance and technology developments

•     Develop, maintain and monitor adherence to maintenance standards and specifications

•     Develop A3 plans for identified projects or improvement

•     Maintain 5S standards as per the department target

•     Train/Coach artisans based on the finding from completed RCA`s


Work Analysis:

•     Ensure the latest techniques are being applied with respect to NDT and condition monitoring

•     Advise in building reliability and maintainability in the design of new or modified equipment

•     Ensure sustained FLAC improvements


Contractor Management:

•     Develop detailed scope of work for defined scope jobs


Rotables Management:

·         Maintain Scope of Work data base (Specifications, Quality Plan, Witness points)


Job requirements: 

  • Degree / National Diploma in Elec. Eng. (LC)
  • 4 years relevant experience
  • PLC Training and experience, SCADA Training and experience

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Mpumalanga - Witbank




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