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Ops Chargehand


Assist mine personnel on on-the-job training (Technical support on DDS™ equipment & Charging-up)

  • Provide information regarding Health & Safety of ENAEX equipment to mine and ENAEX Mining Services employees.
  • Assist mine personnel on on-the-job training (Technical support on DDS™ equipment & Charging-up)
  • Assist Service Technician in maintenance of DDS™ Equipment
  • Density checks and records
  • Day to day inspections and minor repairs on DDS™ equipment
  • Oversee mine trained employee to do daily checklist. Mine employee to hand checklist to his mine supervisor.
  • First responder to breakdowns (All minor issues on shift)
  • Reporting on levels of DDS™ emulsions and delivery dates for emulsion
  • Offloading of the DDS ™ delivery tanker & weighbridge notes sign
  • Reporting on spares used and stock level to Service Technician
  • Report of spillages to mine personnel to arrange for clean-up
  • Report status of good housekeeping around silos to mine.
  • Daily reporting of findings in underground workings to Section Mine Overseer / Shift boss / Miner with regards to - charging-up and drilling on the working areas he visited.
  • Communication with service Technician on status of DDS™ equipment.
  • Breakdown reports and feedback to M/O , HFO , Service Technician
  • Follow up on recommendations and implementation of proposals
  • Identify incorrect charging up practices
  • Conduct blast surveys according to the designed criteria
  • Demonstrate the charging up and connecting of all ENAEX explosives products
  • Apply the use of the product as per the product application training
  • Apply the safe handling, storage and transport of explosives
  • Ensure correct PPE is used, as well as that PPE is in good condition and correctly worn/used
  • Maintain housekeeping of work area
  • Identify workplace hazards and associated risks and deal with it appropriately (Hirac & Risk Assessment)
  • Knowledge of relevant hand tools
  • Knowledge of emergency procedures
  • Comply with the Mine’s safety and health procedures
  • Attend the mine’s induction training
  • Maintain basic safety, health and environmental issues
  • Assess the product application practices
  • Identify incorrect product application practices
  • Demonstrate and coach the correct practices
  • Adhere to ENAEX code of practice and procedures
  • Adhere to mine Health & Safety requirements
  • Work according to the hours of the mine set
  • Daily underground visit

Job requirements: 

Minimum Requirements and Experience:

  • Grade 12 
  • Competent A or B (Advantage)
  • Blaster Assistant Skill Programmed (Advantage)
  • Medical of fitness certificate

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Gauteng - JHB West Rand




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