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Account Maintenance Officer






Mercantile Bank Ltd

Purpose of the role: 

To efficiently action the account maintenance service support in relation to account maintenance, focusing on sustainable value, optimal productivity and end-to-end customer satisfaction.

Key deliverables/outputs:


1.    Ensure that all account maintenance requests are efficiently auctioned:

·           Attend to ITC queries and profile updates

·           Scan account mandates / documentation onto BaNCS

·           Replacement / Reissue Debit / Credit Card/s

·           Reissue PINs for debit/credit card

·           Debit/Credit card manual renewals

·           Maintenance of Debit / Credit Card/s by updating customer data, card reissues, PIN reissues, manual and card renewals

·           Credit Card /Drive Card renewal notifications

·           Maintenance of Billers (used on BANK@bility and Funds Transfers)

·           Prepare and send investment rollover letters

·           Prepare and send out account dormancy letters

·           Action account closures (Bancs) and prepare for archiving

·           Bank codes and Full General Reports provide feedback to our Business Centre's and/or other Financial Institutions regarding the applicable code and/or full general detail of the customer's conduct on the cheque account

·           Deceased Estates administration requests

·           Load, amend and cancel debit orders on Credit Card accounts

·           Load, amend/delete standing order requests

·           Update password for Call Centre security verification on BaNCS

·           Archiving of file documentation on a regular basis

·           Prepare and provide the Team Leader with daily, weekly and monthly statistics of required functions performed

·           Assist Team Leader to update new processes and update existing processes.

Ø    Prepare funds transfer/fees reversal entries and capture notices

Ø    Prepare and submit proof of payment requests

Ø    Attend to Bankserv queries

Ø    Acknowledge all incoming mail

Ø    Manage mandate file register

Ø    Daily Filing

1.    Liaise with Team Leader regarding errors and irregularities on account maintenance documentation/requests. Escalate Manager Customer Experience where approval is required.

2.    Relieve colleagues and any other duties required from time to time.


Position or job function requires honesty in the handling of cash or finances due to the nature of the business



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